Julie Bergan, Norway's Got Talent | Julie Bergan faces the challenge: -More nervous than I thought

Julie Bergan, Norway's Got Talent |  Julie Bergan faces the challenge: -More nervous than I thought

In March, it was announced that Julie Bergan (29) would take over as judge for Denis Storhuy (63) in the upcoming season of TVNorge's “Norske Talenter”.

The reason for having a substitute on the judging panel is because the actor is busy with other projects while recording the new season.

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Bergan has now taken on the role of judge at Norske Talenter, and revealed to Nettavisen that she has already faced challenges with the new job.

He signed himself

Bergan does not hide the fact that the arbitration assignment represents a milestone for her, and that she simply cannot refuse this opportunity.

– I have always dreamed of this kind of work, so you can say that my career has led to moments like this, Bergan tells Netafsen.

However, she has little experience participating in the jury. Bergan is usually the one on stage in front of a select group of judges.

Bergan was barely 18 years old when she made her debut on the Melodi Grand Prix stage. In addition, she herself has registered with “Norske Talenter” for several years.

– Personally, I registered for “Norsk Talenter” several times, and whatever was available at that time. “So, it's very strange that I'm allowed to sit there on the jury now,” Bergan says.

Their fate was decided

On the other hand, Bergan has no doubt that there are significant contradictions between being a participant and an arbiter. She says she has already faced many challenges as a judge.

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– It's actually a lot of nerves to be a judge. We've been filming for a few weekends now and I'm feeling a lot more nervous than I thought I would be, she laughs.

The 29-year-old also feels she relates well to those on stage. Therefore, it wasn't as easy to be as rude as she had planned.

“I and the other judges are the ones who decide their fate,” she says.

Normal distribution of roles

Before recording, Bergan tried to determine what role she would play among the judges, but according to the broadcaster, it happened naturally.

– Although we have a lot in common, we are very different. Me, Selji, Stian and Hakim. So we did not plan different roles for the governance function. It happened this way, she says and adds:

– Probably the most natural.

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Although Bergan struggles to hide her pity and emotions, it's clear that sitting on the judging panel has been a great experience so far.

– There are nice people I can do this with, and nice people in production. Not least the participants. I think this will be a great season for Norske Talenter, concludes Bergan.

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