Julie Bergan: – That’s what she says about her boyfriend

Julie Bergan: - That's what she says about her boyfriend

On Friday, the stage was set for the Spelmanbrizen Awards, which honors Norwegian musicians.

An artist was among those present at the event Julie Bergan (28)She did not come alone. On the red carpet, she escorted a young man named Younes Dar with her, and she made sure that he was her boyfriend.

– She’s the best woman I know. I love her! Dar Sesame said VG Friday.

For his part, Barjan described his girlfriend as “the companion of life”, and admitted to the newspaper that they coexist.

– Now we have been hiding for a long time, this was an opportunity to say that we are here. We’ve been hiding for a while, and we’re still a bit mysterious. But it’s nice to go out after closing.

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According to the artist, they share a common interest in music.

Astrid Swho was also present at the ‘Spellemann Prize’, bragged with her best friend.

– It’s so amazing. Very caring and hard working. Astrid Smedplas (25), the artist’s full name, said I’ve known him for many years.

Dagbladet has been in contact with director Cecilie Torp-Holte, who says Julie Bergan does not want to comment on the case.

Share little glimpses

On Saturday, the “Arigato” singer shared two photos with his girlfriend from the award ceremony.

“Spellemannprisen last night!” She writes under the photo, followed by a yawning smiley face and a heart.

However, this isn’t the first time the star has shared a glimpse into the relationship with fans. On Valentine’s Day itself, the artist posted several small and warm quotes of the couple to his Instagram feed.

according to Online newspaper Dar will be used in the spotlight, and he is, among other things, a director at Music Norway and Nora Collective, which represents artists such as Stig Brenner and Arif.

It is not known how long the couple have been together, but on Instagram it appears that they celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve together.

Books about infidelity

Bergan played Hosted the “Spelman” program. Previously but never won an award. However, she had great success with songs like “STFU”, “Ignite” and “Arigato”.

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The love ups and downs seem to be the inspiration for this 28-year-old. Earlier this month, it became known that Bergan wrote a song about the breakup of the Swedish influencer Hanna Freiberg (27) who suffered from infidelity.

On the podcast “Måndagsvibe”, Freiberg described Bergan’s song as “very nice”.

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