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Hoppuka 2021-2022

Because even though the general secretary of the Norwegian Ski Association, Engfeld Britten Berg, has made an account for 2021 with what she describes as a much smaller shortfall than expected, all warning lights are flashing in one branch for 2022.

She started by paying tribute to all six branches of financial management and was able to maintain all the cooperation agreements during the two difficult years of the pandemic, but of course she is well aware that the Hopp agreements expire at the same time in April.

– They are in a very weak position. Sponsorship work is a work in progress over many years and many branches have a sponsorship structure where not all agreements expire at the same time, Berg tells NRK.

Ten million in a little over a month

National jump team manager, Klas Brady Brathin, has already shouted warnings on NRK and no later than Thursday in Dagbladet.

FEDERATION STOP: General Secretary of the Norwegian Ski Association, Ingvild Bretten Berg.

Photo: Annika Birdy / NTB

He considers that the ugly labor dispute between him on the one hand and the management of the Ski Association on the other hand, and what happened in its wake, must take their share of the blame in the difficult situation of the sport of jumping on the part of the sponsor.

When NRK contacted Britten Berg to find out the extent of the crunch, she loosened the veil a bit.

It says the branch has budgeted 24 million Norwegian kroner this year. They earned about a third of the income through some public money, licensing income, or other money that the Skateboarding Board allocates to the branches.

The rest is planned bail income.

Leaps are now subject to regular reporting requirements and should follow some sort of step-by-step form when sponsorship income comes in. The first proper review will come on May 1, according to Britten Berg.

The Secretary-General will not delve into specific amounts and what the ladder step model is all about. But through conversations with several sources regarding conversations between the jump and the skateboard, NRK has been informed that the branch must secure a sponsorship income of ten million crowns by the end of May. In other words, time is short.

This case was clarified half a year ago


Delivered hard: Marius Lindvik stands with the Olympic gold medal proving he was the best in the big hill race in Beijing in February.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Britten Berg hopes what she describes as impressive sporting results will be reflected in the new agreements, but no one has yet signed.

– What do you think about the fact that the jump is over if all sponsorship agreements are now renegotiated?

It would be an advantage, as in all other companies, to have an income portfolio which means you always have a base at the bottom, says Britten Berg, who doesn’t want to comment on specific amounts.

She points out that the jumps are now arranged so that they will succeed and that everyone wants what is best for them, on an equal footing with all other branches of the association.

Clas Brede Bråthen says the jump in this case now is due to the conflict between him and you in the federal leadership. What do you have to say for that?

The jumping issue has been tough in every way and we should have been without it. But this case was clarified six months ago. Care is done continuously and takes much longer.

– What would happen if this was not the case?

– Then you should think about the measures you should take to reduce costs. So you’re too far away in the year the board expects the committee to consider the proceedings.

NRK is in contact with the jumping committee, which at the moment does not comment on the situation.

– Incomprehensible

Bråthen admits, however, that it’s a daunting task, but believes jumping in is good operations with existing partners who have been loyal for many years. In addition, he says that they are in dialogue with major players both nationally and internationally.

pd1 to dual

Concern: National Team Jump Manager, Claes Brady Brathin.

Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB

Working to ensure the stability of our stable partners, until the difficult situation was identified by the Norwegian Ski Association (NSF) last year, we worked with them on an ongoing basis.

– That the management of the Norwegian Ski Association, though, needs to present the professionalism of our branch in a negative way, is incomprehensible. We must now stand shoulder to shoulder for the sake of our sport, Prathin says.

Sad and searching

The national team manager indicates, among other things, that he is working Norwegian Ski Association website Two minutes on the plane from March. Jumping committee chair Christian Brenden appears to have tried to explain why care work has been so difficult for so long.

Brenden referred to the content of the evaluation committee’s report, which was prepared in the wake of the conflict between Bråthen and the management of the Norwegian Ski Association (NSF).

Brenden pointed to the fact that the report notes that uncertainty in management and a prerequisite for sports betting makes income from the business difficult.

From the minutes of the meeting, the rest of the skateboard appears to have criticized Brenden’s causal explanation.

It is understood that players who are thinking about whether to invest a double of a million in the coming period want to know who will lead the NSF and what values ​​they will act on.

Our culture in the national jump team is that we treat and admire each other in the good times, and in the hard times we stand shoulder to shoulder, talking to each other, not each other. It’s sad and sad that we haven’t experienced the same thing from NSF management, Prathen says.

Planned deficit in 2021

Britten Berg can look back at least two years later as the Skating Association financially recovered from the coronavirus pandemic. The period did not erode equity.

Although the association lost NOK 80 million due to the event being cancelled. They only got 6.2 million back from the government’s initiative plan because sponsorship and media revenue wasn’t part of the schemes.

In other words, it was very difficult.

5.8 million in profit in 2020 was replaced by what it describes as a planned deficit in 2021. It ended at minus 5.3 million, but was budgeted with an even larger negative result.

– I did well. We have managed, despite the significant loss of income, to maintain our entire business for club, department and national team. It is about good management and willingness to contribute throughout the organization.

There is hope for better activity in 2022. So are the financial results.

But the challenge of the sport of jumping must be fixed.

– As I understand it, skateboard-jumping sponsors express a desire to join. Now we’ll give Leaps more time to work with that care until summer, says Britten Berg.

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