November 28, 2022


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Jürgen Dahl Moe lifts the veil on post-The Voice challenges:

Jürgen Dahl Moe lifts the veil on post-The Voice challenges:

The 26-year-old walked in with an acoustic guitar, loose-fitting clothes and a hat on his head Jürgen Dal Mo The stage was on The Voice in full force earlier this year.

Mentors immediately argued about musical talent. additional sandefjorden is trending on both Spotify and YouTubebefore heading straight to the top of the singing competition.

Watch Moe’s magical performance at The Voice finale in the video at the top of the story.

Great talent: Jürgen Dahl Moe, this year’s winner of The Voice, delighted both mentors and audiences with his unique communication skills. Pictured here during blind testing in the software. Photo: Robert Dreier Holland / TV 2

– Really a surprise

Six months after the victory, Mo’s daily life is more active than ever. The workload has increased, and the 26-year-old is hopping between more and more gigs, while also being in the studio and finishing up on upcoming music.

– It’s fun, he tells TV 2.

13 years ago, the singer won the Melodi Grand Prix Junior, and released music on his own in the following years. The new success of The Voice, Moe had not previously imagined. In retrospect, it has been inundated with exclusive vibes and street salutes.

– It was very strange. You’ve played quite a bit in the past, put out some music and settled on the fact that you don’t reach the big audiences. In any case, it seems very far into the future, and somewhat unattainable. Then suddenly it explodes. It was really amazing. I was shocked at how much exposure The Voice gave, and how much it took off in a weird way.

As more people now opened their eyes to Mo and his music, he was also feeling his own pressure. However, he believes that his many years of experience as a musician means that he is consistent in everything.

The biggest singing talent I’ve seen on The Voice!

– I see that it is possible at least to find a way out for people. I think it’s easy to lose confidence and think that you are doing something wrong and that it will not work. This is not always necessarily the case. Anyway, this is a very good indication that you’re doing something right, he says, and continues:

At the same time, as a songwriter and artist, I stress myself out a lot and on the way forward. There’s more pressure, and it feels so much bigger, more terrifying, and more important than ever. I’m glad I’m 26 and I’ve done nothing but music. Then I chose to believe you were a little better equipped.

– People must mean something

At the same time that his singing talent career skyrocketed after participating in The Voice, he also had more people involved in his artwork. According to Sandefjordingen, the transition came somewhat of a concession with his expression as an artist.

– I released some music on my own and was independent. Now there are more people involved, and there are more things to deal with. It can be hard to find a way to go when so many people have an opinion. Music is very abstract, so getting it to work based on all the heads involved isn’t always easy, he says.

Mo further explains that writing his own music has always been close to his heart, and admits it’s easy to lose hope and courage when people on the outside have a say in his work.

Quick questions and answers with “The Voice” -Jørgen

– It feels a bit like your own music and your tunes should be selected and chosen whether you like it or not by people you don’t know, people you can’t influence in any way. Then there are many ideas and a lot going on in the head and grinding. Then it’s easy to get confused, and lose track of which way you are. Things can pop up quickly in your head, and it’s not healthy and positive, which means you may have to take a few laps to yourself and relax a bit.

However, the artist is satisfied that there is a larger team around him, and he would not have been without them.

“I think there’s a lot of good that comes from it, just feeling that someone other than you has faith, and wants to do work for me and my music — I think that’s wonderful,” he points out.

new music

These days, the songbird with the single “A Play For The Gallery,” which is just about opinions of others over the years, and how all the influences that led to The Voice’s involvement has affected him.

– It’s a song that deals with all these opinions and forces of influence that made me feel like I had to do something other than what I wanted. It simply made me feel like I should play in the show. It’s a song about self-confidence, and putting other people’s opinions aside, he says, and continues:

Off-court kicks: – It takes a lot to win

I think if you like music, I think you’re lying if you don’t care what other people think. I feel like I’ve been able to stay focused on what I think is important, and that’s just making the music I want, and continuing to be me. But it is a difficult balancing act. I think the most important thing is to be honest with myself, and then let people make their own decisions about it.

dreaming outside

With a new song right around the corner, the future looks promising for The Voice winner. However, he has no plans to rest on his laurels in the future.

– The plan is to release more music in 2023, so I am constantly working on new music. Then I hope to do some live shows. There are too many factors that have to work together to make this happen, so what is certain is not set and not what is about life. But at least that’s what I’m working towards.

Everyone impressed on ‘The Voice’: Jørgen is now spreading fast on YouTube

The 26-year-old also hopes to realize two dreams.

– A big part of my dream has always been to release an entire album, and I think I’ll be able to do that at some point. For now, single formatting is the first priority, he says, before adding:

– But the ultimate big dream is the world. Simply go on a world tour. It’s a long way off, but there are more people who have done it before, he concludes optimistically.

Watch the entire season this year the sound on me TV 2 play.

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