Jurgen Klopp will protect players from important questions about Qatar – VG

Jurgen Klopp will protect players from important questions about Qatar - VG
Qatar answers: Jurgen Klopp wants to protect players from critical questions.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp, 55, has described it as “unfair” that crucial questions are asked of players who will participate in the FIFA World Cup about Qatar.


– I understand 100% that we’re talking about this, but I think it’s unfair to talk to the guys about it Currently And put the responsibility on their shoulders, says Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp in an interview with Sky Sports.

Only two weeks left world Cup of football in Qatar. As you know, awarding the championship has been heavily criticized for, among other things, the country’s human rights violations, corruption, and treatment of foreign workers.

The debate over boycotting the championship has been going on for a long time and many people in the football world have taken action to show their dissatisfaction with the award of the championship.

Among other things, the Norwegian national team has displayed banners and T-shirts to focus on human rights, Denmark is playing in World Cup uniforms where slogans have been watered down, and several European countries are playing with rainbow-colored captain’s armbands.

Klopp still believes players should not be asked political questions before and during the tournament.

He explains:

– It’s been more than ten years since someone else decided this and everyone accepted the decision at the time. I recently watched a documentary about the awarding of championships to Russia and Qatar. It is not the responsibility of this generation to say that it does not want to go there. Players go there to play. Klopp says the decision was made by someone else.

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If you are going to criticize someone, criticize the person who made the decision. Not the sport, not the competition, and certainly not the players. He continued, “It is not fair for players to take a political stance when they are in the World Cup.”

What would you say to England captain Harry Kane, who wears the rainbow colored captain’s armband?

– He’s totally fine. What I don’t like is that you expect players to do something. They go there to play football. The tournament is organized and planned by others. If you don’t like it, say so, but not now when players have to play games, Klopp replies and continues:

– Everything else to other people. Many players were 10 years old when this decision was made. If you ask players questions, you put pressure on them and it’s not fair.

The World Cup kicks off in Qatar on November 20.

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