Jurgen Massa Vasstrand and Morten Sundley:

Jurgen Massa Vasstrand and Morten Sundley:

In November last year, it became known that Morten Sundley (32 years old), who married influencer and “Hardest In Norway” broadcaster Jürgen Massa Vasstrand (32), You must be registered as a football player.

Together, the couple had sons Milan (3) and Indigo Aero. The latter was born in January of this year. Vasstrand also has two children from a previous relationshipPhilippa (13) and Socrates (8).

Life as a footballer is undoubtedly hectic. Filled with travel, training and matches. So there was little time to stay with the family. The idea of ​​lying down got to Morten Sundley already before the summer of last year.

When you have such thoughts in your head, you will notice that it is time to give up. It’s sad, but it seems the time, Sundli said in a press release this time.

to me Online newspaper He can now reveal his way forward after his football boots have been shelved forever.

put out: Brothers Emil and Silas Fasstrand were given the task of arranging children’s shows for older sister Jürgen, and the result is a slightly different celebration. Reporter: Jonas Hammer. Video: Thea Hope / The Red Carpet
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thriving on gardening

It’s easy to see that Sundli enjoys working in the garden both on TV series 2 “Funkyfam” and on his wife’s Instagram profile. It has also been reported to thrive as an aerial gardener.

So it may come as no surprise that the former soccer player is looking at opportunities in the industry.

– I want to do something in gardening, but I don’t know something specific yet, he reveals to Netavizen.

But if a career change happens soon, there is no suggestion. In the future, he will enjoy the cardboard folder.

wet tears: The scene of little brother Noah makes Jurgen Massa Fasstrand cry on Monday’s episode of “Funkyfam”. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2 Play
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– I can be at home with the kids, who have very little chance of that, and I want to take advantage of that because I’ll never get the same chance again. He adds that I’ll have at least one year where I’ll just be with the kids, create things with them and go on vacation.

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active family

Jurgen Massa Vasstrand on the other hand has a lot of balls in the air. Just two months after they became parents of four kids People flocked to the Campo de’ Fiori restaurant in Oslo when it held a “Funkygine Food” launch party.

Shortly thereafter, it became known that the fitness-loving influencer would be making a podcast about training.

smoking: Jørgine “Funkygine” Masa Vasstrand participated in the second season of “Hardest Norway”. Things did not go as planned. Video: NRK
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“My goal with the podcast is, as always, to get people moving,” Vasstrand recently told Dagbladet.

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