Jurgen Massa Wasstrand: – It was relatively difficult to get him out

Jurgen Massa Wasstrand: - It was relatively difficult to get him out

MAndag this week could affect Jorgine Massa Vasstrand (31), aka “Funkygine”, and her husband Morten Sundli (31) Share the good news that they are parents again.

The influencer has two children from a previous relationship, and now two children from the relationship with Sundli.

Little Indigo Iro was born on the 8th of January, much to the delight of the family and fans.

Now, in a new post on BlogThe popular influencer opens up about the experience of childbirth, which she calls her “best childbirth experience.”

“I cried and cried”

Vasstrand has previously been open about difficult pregnancies and childbirths. In the post, it looks like she was already relatively far on her due date.

“I was pretty sure I’d need help getting started this time too, and I was just crying and crying. Totally irrational and with a complete lack of reason. I know, and although it’s a bit embarrassing, I take comfort in the fact that this is the reason for pregnancy. Hormones go astray. In a way or another “.

Vasstrand was initially scheduled to start on the fourth day over the course of the semester. However, the start was postponed due to high demand at Akershus University Hospital, which ended with the influential connection to Kongsvinger Hospital.

Here it was considered that there was a start inside, and an hour later I was in the hospital and ready to take the water.


Vasstrand praises Kongsvinger Hospital, telling of the staff who have plenty of time to take care of each single mother. She also says that her husband was allowed to be by her side all the time, even at night.

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However, getting the baby out was not an easy task. The little boy was called a “stargazer”.

“It was simply a little stuck and it was relatively hard to get it out. He was not lying in a normal head position. The midwife explained that children lying on the opposite side of the road like him were called “stargazers”. This means that the chin and face are facing the stars.”

It’s also clear that despite good planning, little went as planned.

“In other words, not much went according to plan. It was Kongsvinger instead of Ahus, he started this time too, an epidural and finally the birth of a stargazer. But that is probably the case for most people. It will not be what I imagined, but I am still very grateful Because I had a beautiful birth experience and because I had so much around me which contributed to everything going so well!”

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