January 30, 2023


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- Just a game for the fair

– Just a game for the fair

Thursday last week Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) have released the first three episodes of the documentary series “Harry and Meghan”.to the great shock of many.

On Monday came the trailer for the remaining three episodes, which will be released on Thursday. In the trailer, it was shown that the prince is not afraid of taking a hit on the royal family and his brother, Prince William (40).

Storm: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have seen a storm in recent years. Now comes a new trailer for the documentary where they both speak. Video: Netflix
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There have long been rumors that the relationship between the two Prince brothers is not particularly good.

They were happy to lie to protect my brother, but they were not willing to tell the truth to protect us. says Prince Harry in the trailer thus referring to both the brother and the royal house.

Se og Hør’s royal house expert, Caroline Fagel, explains that Prince William has survived more public scandals than his little brother.

– The trailer gives us a hint that Prince Harry is hitting on his brother. Or at least for the differential treatment the two received, Vagle explains to Dagbladet.

– We know, among other things, that the family accepted that the British tabloids wrote about Harry’s party scandals in exchange for letting the eldest brother and heir to the throne, Prince William, go in peace!

dance: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan talk about their first dance as husband and wife. Video: Netflix
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Vagle isn’t sure what kind of consequences the prince’s remarks might have in the documentary series further on the relationship between Prince William and King Charles(73), but:

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– It’s not hard to imagine that the relationship between father and brother isn’t exactly getting better! But he’s clearly not afraid of it.

– Not a particular fan

In September, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and grandmother of princes, Queen Elizabeth, passed away.

At the time, Vanity Fair’s royal house expert Katie Nicholl thought it would be an opportunity for the brothers to bury the hatchet.

– I think there is every reason to hope that this is the hope that this will be the reason for some kind of reconciliation between these two brothers, who have been brothers at war for 19 months, she told ET in September.

However, the grandmother’s death did not seem to bring the princesses back together.

Spider-Man Prince: Prince Harry is receiving huge praise after his video paid tribute to Scotty’s charity Little Soldiers. Video: Scotty’s Little Soldiers / YouTube
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– It may have seemed like reconciliation when brothers and their wives gathered to look out over the sea of ​​flowers after Queen Elizabeth’s death. But there are many signs that it was just a game for the show, royal house expert Vagle believes, and continues:

– I’m sure the family isn’t particularly a fan of Prince Harry coming out and talking that way. But like I said, I think the relationship is already so bad that it might not make any difference. I have to say the whole thing is quite sad!