Justin Bieber to perform in Trondheim in 2022 – NRK Trøndelag

Justin Bieber to perform in Trondheim in 2022 - NRK Trøndelag

– That was probably the biggest thing I was involved in.

That’s what concert organizer Christian Deger said after he listed similar great artists he’s brought to Norway in recent years.

But bringing Justin Bieber to Trondheim is something he must admit he’s proud of.

Possibly the world’s greatest artist of the twenty-first century.

40,000 tickets

It was Livecentralen with All Things Live that brought the artist to Trondheim.

Bieber will play at Leangen Travbane on August 7, and pre-sales will begin on Thursday.

– We placed 40 thousand tickets. It’s the biggest concert in Trondheim Start.

How do you believe in selling so many tickets?

– We have great confidence in that.

Will you be attending Justin Bieber’s only concert in Norway this summer?

Only in Trondheim

Justin Bieber will be on a world tour next year.

In 2022, he will play only four concerts in Europe. One of them is in Norway and Trondheim.

With two years of Corona interrupting a lot of concert lives around the world, Digre thinks they’ve saved an artist coming to Norway, and he’s really keen to give everything to the public.

Concert organizer Christian Deger.

Photo: Rune Kjær Valberg/NRK

– We think Justin Bieber is so energetic and fun coming to Trondheim on August 7.

– It’s a secret, but can you determine the cost of moving Justin Bieber to Norway?

It’s a secret, yes, Digre replies with a laugh.

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