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There was a terrible explosion on Tuesday evening (local time) Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan Shocked – Apparently this is an attack on the country’s defense minister Bismillah Mohammed (60).

According to continuous reports, a large cloud of smoke was seen over the city after the eruption. The shock occurred at 8pm (5.30pm German time), was felt in the city center and could be heard in many parts of the city.

The Interior Ministry confirmed the blast in the Sherpur district of central Kabul. An investigation team was at the scene and wanted to provide details as soon as possible.

The AB News Agency reported that at least ten people were injured in the attack, citing local doctors. In the evening alone, the aid agency announced that six patients had been admitted to their hospital after the emergency outbreak.

Afghan security forces are monitoring the site of the bombing in KabulPhoto: Rahmat Gul / A.P.

Local media reported that the blast took place near the home of current Defense Minister Mohammad. Local journalists at the scene of the attack wrote on Twitter that gunshots could be heard near the scene of the blast.

US General Austin Miller (left) meets with Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammed (Center, July 2021)

US General Austin Miller (L.A.) meets with Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammed (center) in July 2021Photo: Bill Stuart / Owners

Ambulance sirens sounded in the city center. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack in the Afghan capital.

In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the BBC’s correspondent Sekundar Kermani confirmed the attack on the minister. However, he and his family were brought to safety: “A car bomb had exploded at the house of the Afghan defense minister – a close political ally, however, confirms that he was not there. His family was also safely evacuated … and the victims are not yet clear. “

The bomber struck shortly after noon in Kabul, two hours after a car bomb had exploded at an Afghan security minister. Local media later reported violent exchanges.

According to the BBC’s International Chief Correspondent Lice Duset, the second blast was an explosion at the home of the defense minister.

Fierce fighting between government forces and the radical Islamist Taliban has erupted almost everywhere in the country since international troops began withdrawing from Afghanistan. These and other groups have carried out repeated bombings in the capital, Kabul, in the past.

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