Kadyrov believes Russia should use nuclear weapons – gets response from Kremlin – VG

Kadyrov believes Russia should use nuclear weapons - gets response from Kremlin - VG
MEETING: President Vladimir Putin welcomes Chechnya’s President Ramzan Kadyrov to his residence in 2019. Photo released by the Kremlin.

Chechnya’s President Ramzan Kadyrov (45) supports the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but received a blunt response from the Kremlin. His people, the Chechens, are on both sides of the war in Ukraine.

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The distraught president made his comments in a telegram last weekend after Ukrainian forces expelled Russians from the town of Lyman in the Donetsk region, which Putin has declared part of Russia.

– My personal opinion is that drastic measures should be implemented, such as the introduction of a state of emergency in the border areas and the use of tactical nuclear weapons, wrote Kadyrov. telegram.

Putin promised Friday, September 30 – When the four regions of Ukraine were united and attached Annexation is when one state seizes the territory of another state and claims it as its own.In Russia – he will use all means to protect these areas. In Russia’s theory, this includes the use of nuclear weapons.

But the following Monday, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov put President Kadyrov in his place:

– Emotions should be excluded from such assessments, Peskov said Izvestia.

– A very emotional moment. Regional managers have the authority to express their opinion and give ratings. After all, these are the leaders of the regions, including Kadyrov, who have done a lot since the beginning of the special operation and made a great contribution to the operation, Peskov says, and the whole republic contributes very heroically and effectively.

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Ceremony: Ramzan Kadyrov (th) with Putin’s “propaganda minister” Margarita Simonchan in the Kremlin last Friday.

Ramzan Kadyrov was in Moscow to witness the grand ceremony that included Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya.

While none of the other 80 or so regional leaders have spoken about the war, Kadyrov makes “inputs” to the leadership in the Kremlin almost daily. It’s not clear how popular it is. The Kremlin did not release photos of meetings between Putin and Kadyrov over the weekend.

Throughout the war, Ramzan Kadyrov bragged about how important his soldiers were to Russia. Chechen soldiers are now credited with being instrumental in the success of Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

Last week, he caused another stir when he announced in Telegram that his sons, aged 14, 15 and 16, would be fighting on the front lines, a violation of a UN convention signed by Russia itself.

He is still one of Putin’s strongest supporters Weeks he was appointed Colonel General in the Russian Army.

Chechens: Chechen soldiers on the left fighting for Ukraine, on the right fighting for Russia.

Chechens are on both sides of the war in Ukraine:

  • Kadyrov continues to tell him Telegram channel About what his elite players have achieved on the Russian side in Ukraine. The force is part of Putin’s National Guard.
  • On the other hand, we have the Dudaev Battalion, which fights on the Ukrainian side and is said to have been central during the recent recapture of Ijjum. According to Voice of America, many of them live in Western Europe.
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In a short period of time, Moscow fought two wars against Chechnya and an attempt to secede from the Russian Federation. The first war lasted from December 1994 to August 1996 – when Boris Yeltsin was in power.

The second Chechen war began at the same time as Vladimir Putin became prime minister in August 1999 – and Putin continued as president until May 2000.

Chechnya Expert: Julie Wilhelmsen.

A Norwegian-Chechen foreign fighter recently killed V.G What happened was when they entered a Russian controlled village. He was part of the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the area around Kherson, the first major city to fall to Russian forces.

Julie Wilhelmsen, senior researcher at NUPI, is one of Norway’s foremost experts on the Russian Republic. Why, we ask, are Chechens fighting on both sides of the war in Ukraine?

– As a result of the second war against Chechnya since 1999, 200,000 Chechens are currently in exile in Europe. Russia’s war against this tiny Russian sub-republic was brutal and confirmed the feeling of many Chechens that they cannot live safely under Russian rule, Russia expert responds.

Pro-Putin: Chechen forces led by politician Adam Telemkhanov (pictured) fight on the Russian side. Here they are near the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

– Additionally, for years the Kremlin deputy in Grozny, Kadyrov, ruled with a very heavy hand, including extrajudicial killings, kidnappings, and torture. For some exiled Chechens, the war in Ukraine is as much a struggle for freedom from Russian rule as they want to fight. Julie Wilhelmsen says that if Russia loses, they believe they can take the fight into Chechnya, so Ukraine should contribute on the side – and adds:

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– Since Kadyrov’s men are fighting on the Russian side, this is an opportunity for some of them to take revenge for Kadyrov’s abuse.

– Waging his own war

Ilmari Keiko, a war researcher at the Alexandria Institute in Finland, doesn’t think many Chechens are fighting on the Ukrainian side:

– but they are certainly well motivated and trying to make a difference. Chechens have been on Kiev’s side since 2014-2015. They lost the civil war against Moscow, but are now waging their own war in Ukraine. For these Chechens, this war may be the most important.

– Who are they?

– There are probably many Chechen exiles. Many of them may have lived in Ukraine. This is part of a larger event with foreign fighters there, Ilmari Käihkö believes.

Chechen Division: This is a soldier called Tudayev Battalion fighting on the Ukrainian side. Picture taken during training outside Kiev.

Al Jazeera He described how pro-Russian Chechens rolled through Kyiv on February 27 this year with Putsha as their target. Two days ago, soldiers staged a large demonstration in the Chechen capital Grozny, where President Kadyrov ordered 12,000 soldiers to attack Kiev. At least 1,200 of them crossed into Ukraine, according to Ukrainian intelligence.

The Kremlin was not impressed with the help of the “Kadirovtsi,” as their Chechen soldiers were called.


– They do not coordinate with anyone. Al-Jazeera’s Kremlin source told Al-Jazeera that they moved chaotically and took orders from Kadyrov.

PS: “Dudadaev Battalion” is named after Dzhokhar Dudayev, who tried to secede Chechnya from the Russian Federation. He was captured by the Russians in 1996.

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