Kajel Gunner from “Better Utiliger”:

Kajel Gunner from "Better Utiliger":

Kjell Gunnar became a famous face then Peter Nickwist (43) He has spent many nights with Kell Gunner on the “Peter Uteliker” show, the television series “Better Uteliker” since 2015.

On Friday, Nyquist reports that Comrade passed away. He does it on Instagram.

Under several photos of the friend, he shares both memories and good words about Kjell Gunnar.

Went to South Africa

The Nyquist remembers well that this was a trip especially to South Africa. That’s when Kagel Gunner’s big dream came true.

“His face glows with joy when Kell Gunner’s big dream comes true. Seven lions are in their natural habitat a few meters away from us.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Nyquist referring to the post on Instagram.

He also remembers meeting his friend for the first time.

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“I found out about Kell Gunner in the car park. Looking for a place to relax more..this is before Christmas Eve 2014, I find myself tired, scared and lonely, so I go to Vulcan P-Huss in hopes of meeting Kell Gunner. There we sat together on the cold asphalt in the middle of the night.

There Kjell Gunnar happily shared the grip of the day: Sørlandschips, herring, beer and Søppeldynga.

“Security itself”

“Despite the circumstances, we are happy to be in each other’s company. This meeting is the beginning of a long friendship. Kajel Gunner is a self – defense guy. , Everything was fine.

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“Ensign would have been proud of himself, counting the edges of his clothes in the closet.”

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Thanks to Nyquist Kjell Gunnar for the memorable moments in the parking garages, the alternative Christmas, the smoking in the hospital and the overnight stay.

“I say as we always say to each other when we break up;” Thanks to a good corporate friend. “Kell Gunner Relax.”

The Nyquist and a close family member confirmed the death Good evening NorwayAnd says he was buried yesterday.

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