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WOMEN’S HEALTH: A new law that would guarantee a woman’s right to self-abortion was blocked across the United States in the Senate on Wednesday.

The historic decision to grant women in the United States the right to have an abortion is in jeopardy. Meanwhile, a new law to ensure women’s healthcare was voted on Wednesday.


On Wednesday, the Senate voted on a new law that would guarantee women across the United States the right to have an abortion themselves.

It was no surprise that the Women’s Health Care Act was rejected. Most of those who said no were Republican politicians.

Vice President Kamala Harris led the vote in the Senate on Wednesday. She was clearly disappointed with the result. 49 voted in favor of the new law, to 51 against.

It takes 60 yes to pass a new law in the Senate.

“The Senate has failed to defend a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body,” Harris said in a statement. statment.

She says most Americans believe in protecting women’s rights, and she believes the Senate does not reflect the population of the United States.

– extremist

Kamala Harris urges Americans to vote for future senators who will pass the bill. President Joe Biden made the same calls.

“What we’re seeing right now across the country are radical Republican leaders, looking to criminalize and punish women who make decisions with their bodies,” Harris said.

In November, there are by-elections in the United States. Then residents will vote on who they want to sit in the House and Senate.

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Senate: Vice President Kamala Harris met with the press after the vote and criticized Republicans who voted “no.”

Rights are under attack

President Joe Biden has confirmed that they will continue to fight for the new law to be passed.

A woman’s right to self-abortion is already in jeopardy, at the same time that the law was voted down.

“This comes at a time when women’s rights are under attack,” Biden said in a statement.

It was recently announced that the Supreme Court would again vote against Roe against Wade’s 1973 decision.

Polarized: In the United States, there are powerful voices who fight for and against a woman’s right to self-determination.

The decision was historic as the Supreme Court ruled that the US Constitution must protect a pregnant woman’s freedom to choose an abortion.

The majority of justices sitting on the Supreme Court are now conservatives and it is feared that they will overturn the decision from 1973.

If it were eliminated, US states could enact their own abortion laws. It is expected that at least 26 states will ban or severely restrict abortion.

Texas has already come a long way in banning abortion.

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