Kanye West regrets: tattoo parlor offers free tattoo removal

Kanye West regrets: tattoo parlor offers free tattoo removal
ANGER: Not everyone thinks it’s cool to have pictures of Kanye West on their arm anymore. Here the artist is pictured at a backyard bowling match in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Kanye West’s anti-Semitic remarks have caused many fans to regret their fan tattoos.


A laser studio is now offering free tattoo removal inspired by the controversial rapper.

We’ll remove your Kanye tattoo for free!announced Naama Studios in London mid-November.

The announcement came after the music mogul and rapper, who now goes by the name Ye, made international headlines and was denounced for his anti-Semitic remarks this fall.

They said that in recent weeks, the tattoo studio has been approached by a number of former fans of Kanye West who now regret it and want their tattoos removed. Washington Post.

At the same time, a number of former fans in the West are talking about their fans tattoo song on TikTok.

Totally wrong arm

Some have tattooed his face on their forearms, others have quoted his songs and one has even shown a photo with the text Carpe Diem, seize the day.

There are decorations that are in bad taste for many now.

Therefore, the London laser studio decided to help the repentant.

“When someone you like starts making headlines for the wrong reasons, that person isn’t someone you want to collaborate with,” Nima wrote to Washington Post.

But it is expensive.

– We understand that these tattoos can be a burden for many, and that not everyone can afford to have them removed, Laser Studio writes in an e-mail to the newspaper.

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Tattoo removal can cost up to NOK 25,000, depending on the size and number of treatments required, depending on the laser studio.

Ink shame

Kanye West has been an iconic figure in American popular culture and many have admired his inked tattoos.

On Instagram, there are hundreds of posts containing the hashtag #Kanyetattoo#.

Young Welsh musician Asley Smith is one of many musicians Ex West fans who have tattoos.

A few weeks ago, he decided enough was enough. He could no longer bear the tattoos or the shame, and booked an appointment for removal in early November.

– When I saw that he made these comments about the Jewish people, my stomach twisted – This man was supposed to be one of my heroes, who was supposed to inspire me to make music, says Smith New York Post.

This fall there have been a number of controversies about the West. Among other things, he stated that Jews control the music industry, the media, and they wear clothes “Egg Lives Matter” clothes during Paris Fashion Week and he was banned from Twitter in October, while Adidas and a number of other companies dropped sponsorship deals with him.

Last week, he reportedly had dinner with former President Donald Trump with her Far-right Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

On Friday he stayed again I am quiet by Twitter, just two weeks before he was allowed to return to the platform.


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