“Kaptein Sabeltann” sells beach houses in Kristiansand – E24

“Kaptein Sabeltann” sells beach houses in Kristiansand – E24

The architect-designed home was given a suggested price of NOK 27 million. Our lives are moving in the opposite direction to the lives of many, says artist Thierry Formo to E24.


– It is truly a unique property. A house you would see in Florida, and not a typical southern house, Joakim August Skadberg, broker at Privatmegleren Sædberg og Lian, tells E24.

On Wednesday, the home of artist, songwriter and author Terry Formo, who was behind the iconic Captain Sabertooth universe, was put up for sale.

The asking price for the architect-designed house is NOK 27 million.

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This is where home price growth is strongest

Formo bought the house for 14 million Norwegian kroner in 2007, according to a printout from the land registry.

– We spent many good years and good memories there, but our lives are going in the opposite direction to many others, Formo himself tells E24.

Just a short drive from Dyreparken

The house has an area of ​​more than 300 square meters and was built in 2006, according to the announcement.

It consists of, among other things, five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a garden room.

-The house is located in a central location in Kristiansand. It's a short distance from both the city centre, Sørlandsparken and Dyreparken, says Skadberg.

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The property is west facing, sunny and overlooks the sea.

– How is the market for this type of housing in Kristiansand?

– There is no hiding the fact that it is a tight market and in the higher price range of Kristiansand. In Oslo, this would be a low price.

However, Skadberg believes the price is defensible.

-It is always of a very high standard and shows that nothing has been salvaged. Plus, the property is protected from most winds, which is very special for a property on the edge of the beach, he says.

Terje Falk Formoe, which is his full name, created the character Kaptein Sabeltann 35 years ago.  It ended up being one of the biggest financial successes in children's entertainment in Norway.

– Time for everything

Formo himself points out to E24 that the market is larger than the South Village itself.

-There is no obligation to live in Kristiansand. So this could also serve as a summer house near the sea and a small beach, he says.

The artist says the house is unabashedly located, even though it is not a long distance from the city.

-It's a very special house.

– Why are you moving?

– I usually say that there is a time for everything. We are moving away from the city to more forests, nature and the sea. In the new location, I will also have a new office and studio, so it will be very nice to be in such a place.

-So you will live and work in the new location?

-I have an office in the city. But to be creative, it's good to be in a quiet, protected place. It is also a place that adapts to our family and our needs,” Formo says.

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Formoe played Captain Sabertooth for several years himself.  Here from Dyreparken in 1995.

You want to build a giant villa

In April he wrote Kristiansand newspaper (KRS) That Formo obtained permission to build a giant villa in the beach area about 15 kilometers from the center of the southern village.

In order to do this, he had to obtain an exemption from the municipal spatial plan, the construction ban in the beach area, and the Planning and Building Law.

Formoe is said to have paid NOK 14 million for the house in the new estate. He now wants to demolish that and replace it with a villa of more than 500 square metres, according to KRS.

Formoe tells E24 he can't say anything about when the new house will be finished.

-We're taking it one step at a time. Now we are moving away from where we were for many years. He says it seems normal now.

The living room into which the Formoe house will move has 6-metre-high ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows, according to the ad.
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