Karbe concert postponed due to ticket problem – V.G

Karbe concert postponed due to ticket problem - V.G
Postponed: There were long queues at Oslo Spectrum on Friday afternoon.

Karbe’s concert at Oslo Spectrum was postponed on Friday evening due to a problem with the ticket supplier. Even when the concert started, there was a queue outside.

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On Friday, Karbe will perform the finale of a total of ten sold-out concerts at Oslo Spectrum in August.

Carpe manager Silje Larsen Borgen writes in a text message to VG that Ticketmaster is having trouble in Central Europe and that Friday’s concert has been postponed.

– This means the input is slower than normal. “We are working hard to resolve the issue, so we are postponing the start of the concert to 9.15pm so no one misses it,” he writes.

As per the plan, the concert was supposed to start at 8:30 PM, so the concert was postponed first to 9:00 PM and then to 9:15 PM. When the concert started, there was one more line up outside the Oslo spectrum:

At 9.17pm there were long queues outside the Oslo concourse.

At 21.35, Borgen writes in an SMS that everyone in line arrived ten minutes earlier, that is, at 21.25.

Karpe’s ten concerts at the Oslo Spectrum accommodate a total of 110,000 spectators. The last concert is Saturday evening.

Not all of them sold out in advance – but according to the duo’s management Little Big Sister, tickets quickly disappeared after the first concert. Critical acclaim And Other attention The premiere was brought with it.

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