Karina Dahl: – The worst thing I’ve ever done

Karina Dahl: - The worst thing I've ever done

Actress and TV Profile Karina Dahl (36) The beginning of the summer was a bit tough. Summer is the peak season for artists in terms of concerts and festivals, and therefore it is fully reserved, among other things, for Dahl.

It’s also in the middle of the resettlement process, so having a corona infection is a very bad thing.

Now the 36-year-old is opening up more details about the chaos of last week, which she called “the worst week ever.” I did this in an Instagram post on Friday.

shock amount: In In Seeley’s Pocket, Forbeskey economist Selge Sandmel takes a look at celebrity finances. This week it was Karina Dahl’s turn.
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lost his voice

Dahl begins by writing that during the entire pandemic she managed to escape the Corona infection, but it has now struck at the worst possible time.

“I felt it in my chest during training, then it came up my throat, coughing and all of a sudden I was so bad and completely voiceless for four days(!)! Not a single silly sound to get out. It’s so hard to be deaf and to be We’re trying to get an apartment ready in two days.”

According to him, sore throat, wheezing and coughing are all symptoms of COVID-19 Hellsnorge.

Fear of cancellation

Without any kind of voice, Dahl had to resort to pen and paper to be able to communicate with the people around him – like movers,

Hospital pictures: Karina Dahl recently had a benign tumor removed from her head. Here are pictures from the hospital stay. Reporter: Henriette Ehlertsen/Video: The red carpet
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“Dealing with the acquisitions (of the apartment, the editor’s note), the bank, the carpenters, the moving company, all under the pressure of time with fever, body aches, and no voice. I think that’s one of the worst things I’ve ever done physically.”

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The Voice did not announce its return until Thursday, but it is still not 100 percent ready for theatrical performances.

“There has been a lot of hesitation about canceling concerts, and professionals say I have to do it for fear of delaying the problem (audio, editor’s note). But the tests are negative, you feel better and I might have to do some trick not to ruin more – but I’m trying. Ass covid He had to sort of put himself in the voice and,” she writes more.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Karina Dahl, who does not want to comment on the case.

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