– Karl would be proud – VG

- Karl would be proud - VG
Design legend: Jared Leto (TV), here at New York Fashion Week in September, will play Karl Lagerfeld.

Hollywood star Jared Leto, 50, will star and produce the film’s biography of the late fashion icon.

German-born designer He passed away in February 2019, 85 years old. Now his life is turning into a movie, with American Jared Leto at the helm.

– I feel like the ring is closed now. Leto says Karl would be proud of what we do Women’s daily wear The Hollywood Reporter’s sister magazine.

– Carl was an artist. a point. He was a fashion designer and photographer – and he was an artist, says Leto and describes Lagerfeld as a “creative force.”

The film’s star is responsible for co-producing with Australian Emma Ludbrook (40). The two run the production company Paradox together.

Karl Lagerfeld has worked for Chanel from 1983. He was also a designer at Fendi and had his own brand.

Lion Fashion: Jared Leto, here at a fashion show in New York in September with artist Lil Nas X and Vogue queen Anna Wintour.

Film production is still at an early stage, and a director has not yet been found. The green light is being worked out by the fashion giant’s old business empire.

Leto also appeared in last year’s movie “House of Gucci”About the dramatic story behind the luxury Italian brand.

Watch Leto in conversation with VGTV about the Gucci movie:

In 2014, Leto won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as an HIV-positive and transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club. Last year revealed the most prestigious cup As if drowning in the ground.

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Leto is also known from such films as “The Little Things”, “Panic Room”, “Dallas Byers Club”, “Fight Club”, “Requiem for a Dream” and New Years “Morbius”.

In the latter, he offers Norwegian profiles – see VGTV:

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