Karp’s song was removed shortly after its release. But this could be a good sign.

Karp's song was removed shortly after its release.  But this could be a good sign.

The song BigPapaGoat_v4_4130422.wav “mysteriously” disappeared the same day it was released. But we’ll likely hear it again soon, regarding the new “Master Plan.”

Without warning, Magdy Omar Yatradi Abdul Majeed and Chirag Rashmikant Patel of the rap group Carp released a new song. Soon, it was removed from all streaming services.

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On Friday, July 29, Karp released a new single in collaboration with rapper Jonas Penyop. The song with the creative title “BigPapaGoat_v4_4130422.wav” also came in a separate auto version.

The rap group has been around since 2000, and can refer to five albums and seven Spellemannsprize.

Karp surprised fans with the sudden release. The song opened with the repeated words “Who told you who told you who told you”.

But the joy did not last long.

A few hours later on the same day, the song was removed from Karpe’s Spotify profile. The song is also not on the artist’s YouTube channel or the Tidal music app.

Chirag replies to anyone requesting the song on Twitter:Mike got a new idea/plan. Asked. “

– It was a song we did in the studio when Mike was about to become a father. He wanted to release her. We said yes. But he has some other ideas about practicing in the Spectrum now.

This is what Chirag wrote in a short letter to Aftenposten.

New songs before the spectrum

Michael “Mike” Ray Vera Cruz Angeles has been a photographer for Karp for ten years. Referred to as the “Third Member”.

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Over the phone, he told Aftenposten that he acts as a leader of all professions, contributing, among other things, to theatrical work, designing products with the artist’s logo, and giving input to music.

He just became a father, and he says it was the perfect time to release the song.

– I said: If you don’t publish it, I will!

But shortly after the song was released, he heard Karp try out live at rehearsal at the Spektrum.

Then he had a revelation. Another idea that he thinks fans will dig into is more.

– I felt it was best to pull out the song, to complete the main chart as quickly as possible, so that they could add the song I listened to at the rehearsal. They embraced a lot of things.

– When will we hear these songs?

– He’ll be ahead of the spectrum, if all goes according to plan. I just have to get their permission, he says and laughs.

On his YouTube channel, Angelis shared one videowhere you hear parts of the song have been removed at the end.

Karpe SAS Spektrum x10 premieres Saturday, August 6th. During August, the Oslo Spektrum carp will occupy a total of ten times.

Michael “Mike” Ray Vera Cruz Angeles works closely with the boys in the rap duo Carp. BigPapaGoat_v4_4130422.wav is about when he was about to become a father.

Hint on Instagram

Anyone else who saw Karp posted a song and deleted it? He writes one in the comment field on the last post of the rap group on Instagram. Another writes “Post the song on Apple music”.

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Karpe gave a few little hints about their Instagram story. There they shared some messages they received on Instagram from people begging to hear the song. It may seem that some people understand it, too.

They sent the Dropbox link to the first person. Only half of the link is visible in the story. The following story is a screenshot of someone begging the same link to be sent.

This isn’t the first time that Karp has left big question marks for fans when they release new music.

In January, the music album “Omar Sharif” came out. Before the songs were broadcast, they were only available on a website address of the same name. There you had access to an hour-long movie loop. It was not possible to fast forward and return. The release also came entirely without warning to fans.

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