Katarina Flatland: – Less proud moment

Katarina Flatland: – Less proud moment

In the podcast “Open Journal”, star couple Katarina Flatland (34) and Harald Duploeg (35) constantly share about the ups and downs of family life, not least the blunders and pimples.

– I was in shock

Now Flatland is sharing about the predicament she recently found herself in, which prompted her to make an emergency phone call to her husband.

– It just gets worse and worse

– Today I had one of my least proud moments as a mother. I can tell as far as I was out of the nursery collecting the kids, I had to call you for help. An SOS phone was sent to you at work, and you simply had to come to my aid. Flatland opens the episode with a letter addressed to her husband.

registered: On the “Open Journal” podcast, listeners can listen to Katarina Flatland give birth. Audio from: Podemo
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Before the mother of two picked up her sons from daycare, she had taken a spray tan before the photo shoot.

After the lesson, the 34-year-old was told to remain as calm as possible, after which the presenter asked if it was okay to pick up the children from nursery.

Share openly: Katarina Flatland and Harald Duplog share their private lives in the podcast that brought them together.  Photo: Espen Solé

Share openly: Katarina Flatland and Harald Duplog share their private lives in the podcast that brought them together. Photo: Espen Solé
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Then she says: “Yes, but the first three hours are critical.” For those who haven't had a spray tan, it's like a carrot, and it gets worse as the day goes on. So, one thing was the mental thing I had to deal with when I went to nursery and looked like I did, but I thought: 'No, I can't resist doing that.' So I drove to kindergarten, Flatland explains.

- Take it too far

– Take it too far

However, the TV's profile becomes cool as the color continues to be dark. Parked outside her sons' nursery school, she took the aforementioned SOS phone to Dobloug and asked him to come help her.

Therefore, Duplog has to explain to his medical colleagues why he had to leave work suddenly.

“Now I have to leave here and get custody from daycare because my wife got spray tanned and she thinks she can't pick up the kids from daycare because of that,” he says of the explanation.

Effects: Katarina Flatland is a broadcaster, podcaster, and physician, but she has shelved blogging. Reporter: Annekin Aronsen. Video: Thea Hope/Red Runner
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-Heavy sometimes

The couple became parents for the first time in 2020 when they were able to welcome their son Bernard (3 years old) into the world. Two years later, they became parents for the second time to Bastian (1).

Share the happy news

Share the happy news

Flatland and Duplog have spoken several times warmly about family life, but also about the different ideas it entails.

-One of the things that happens when you become a mother is that you go from being yourself to becoming something more. Then you can think a little bit, 'Who am I now?'” Flatland previously said when she hosted on Raising My Baby.

Katarina Flatland and Fredrik Graasvik were interviewed regarding the fact that they are leading the TV2 show “Good Summer Norway” together. Katarina Flatland talks about the time her boyfriend Harald Doblo proposed to her and about the wedding plans.
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In the same podcast, Flatland shared that the couple has no plans to have more children, but at the same time they haven't put a complete lid on the idea.

-I don't feel like I'm completely finished […]. The whole package with the kids and that. The age from zero to two years is difficult, and sometimes heavy. But I feel like we love life as a family. Imagine if we were lucky enough to do it again.

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