Kate Bush breaks the silence after the success of Stranger Things – VG

Kate Bush breaks the silence after the success of Stranger Things - VG
Top list: Kate Bush, pictured here in 2014.

One of the 63-year-old’s biggest successes is conquering the world once again, 37 years after he did so for the first time. Very sexy, the actress reports.


The 1985 single “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” became the world’s second most played song on Spotify.

Appears from the list of results for the Energy Service.

This success comes on the heels of the song’s huge presence in the fourth season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix, which premiered last weekend, three years after the third season.

The song is more than just an action soundtrack. In Stranger Things, it’s incorporated into drama – as a condolence song for the character Max (performed by Sadie Sink), who mourns the death of his half-brother Billy. And as something a little more dramatic in the series.

Promotions: Netflix is ​​doing its part to push the Kate Bush song to the top.

The success was so extraordinary that the famously withdrawn Bush now comments on it himself – On her websiteIt mainly publishes short Christmas greetings and news about the products you can buy.

There she describes Stranger Things as fascinating and attractive.

– I love him too! Bush writes.

Moreover, she expressed her great happiness that the young fans of the series are giving the song a new life.

– It’s all very exciting! Many thanks to everyone who supported the song.

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The sensation: Kate Bush made her debut when she was just 19 in 1978.

intense work

The British bush has been an important reference point in pop music for decades. She also meticulously guards the use of her music.

In an interview with diverse Nora Felder, director of music for “Stranger Things,” says they started working to obtain a license to play “Running Up That Hill” over two years ago.

The task was facilitated by the fact that Bosch was already a huge fan of the movie Stranger Things.

We’ve put together detailed descriptions of the stage that provide as much context as possible so that Kate and her camp have a full understanding of how the song is used, says Felder.

On Monday, “Running Up That Hill” hit number 13 on Spotify’s daily updated global songs chart.

On Tuesday, she moved up to number four, Wednesday to number two — and since then she’s only been behind Harry Styles’ “as it were,” both now streaming over eight million times a day. Those are exceptionally high numbers also for the songs that top this list.

Feverish interest in Bosch’s classic also means that it now invades the official weekly charts of many countries.

For example, it climbed straight to number two on the Australian search list on Friday morning. And when the song came out in 1985, it reached number six in the same country.

In Norway, “Running Up That Hill” first enters the VG list, at number 20.

It’s at the top of Spotify’s daily Norwegian list, and by the week it’s clear that it’ll be significantly up on VG’s list, Norway’s official list.

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top rated

Not only is the song known as a single; It is also the opening song of Bush’s most popular album, “Hounds Of Love.”

In 2014, then-VG music critics put the song on the front page overall Selection of the best Bush songs.

ORIGINAL: “Running Up That Hill” in its original format, a 7-inch vinyl song.

Bush became a sensation when she debuted at the age of 19 with the single “Wuthering Heights” in 1978.

She then became the first female artist to top UK charts with a song she wrote herself.

After 15 years of success and a number of bestselling and critically acclaimed records, Bush has quietly withdrew from the pop circus.

Since then, unexpected dips have become a thing of the media shy artist’s habit.

ECENTRIC: A promotional photo of Kate Bush since 2011, when she released an album containing new versions of songs she first released about twenty years ago. It’s called “Director’s Cut”.

In 2005, she released the double album “Aerial” after 12 years of musical silence. It was recognized as one of her best releases.

In 2014, she gave 22 theater performances at the Hammersmith Apollo venue in London. This was her first authentic concert in 35 years. All concerts sold out in 15 minutes, and the tribute was huge.

And in 2022, it will be a worldwide hit, 17 years after it was last hit in so many countries.

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