KEiiNO-Alexandra: Scratched by Kola

KEiiNO-Alexandra: Scratched by Kola
On tour: Keino – Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotten and Tom Hugo – are currently on tour in Australia, where Rotten also had a painful close relationship with Cola.

Alexandra Rotten, 25, was brutally beaten with a cola during an ongoing KEiiNO tour in Australia.


On a day off, the trio traveled to a zoo. There Rotten had the opportunity to fulfill a long-held dream.

– I have dreamed of squeezing a real cola all my life, but they also use humans as a tree. It started to itch and bleed very quickly, says Alexandra Rotten from “down” on the phone.

Front: A dream come true when Alexandra Rotten holds a real cola in her hands.
Later: Alexandra Rotten’s skin infection caused by cola nail on the shoulder and upper back.

Even though it was only a few inches from my face, it was so beautiful. Eventually I got some blisters and it didn’t go away and we decided to call the insurance company to ask what we should do. Then when I went straight to the hospital, I was diagnosed with a skin infection. He says this is the last time I have had a cola.

During the three-week tour, KEiiNO experienced one of the worst floods in Australian history.

– We arrived in the middle of it in Brisbane. We went out to buy food and saw the devastation caused by the floods. It was sad and scary. Everything was closed and it was almost an emergency. Unfortunately we also had to cancel the concert in Brisbane. The road is gone and people do not come to the concert hall, he says.

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Boat for a car: After several days of torrential rain in the suburbs of Brisbane, Keno had to cancel a concert in the big city.

However, the fact that she and KEiiNO colleagues Tom Hugo and Fred Buljo traveled to Norway this week were ups and downs, paying tribute to Australia’s best pop icon Kylie Minogue in the Australian Eurovision final. Her songs ..

– It was so much fun! We performed “Spirit in the Sky” and “On a Night Like This” and had to pay tribute to Kylie when we were first downstairs. It is very clear that from 2019 people will remember us. We felt like they were starving for KEiiNO products!

As a Eurovision fan, Alexandra Rotten has acknowledged that the United States will now create its own version of Eurovision – a competition between US states that has attracted hit list tops such as Michael Bolton, Jewel, Macy Gray and Cisco.

Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg are the hosts of this month’s competition.

– This is so much fun. Eurovision is a good concept that people from completely different backgrounds encounter for their common musical enjoyment. I would love to see this concept expand to Worldvision, I!

– What do you think of Norway’s contribution this year, Subwoofer?

– This is a very accomplished number, and a good idea! We hope, and hope that they will get a lot of votes in Turin! Alexandra Rotten says the good guys are behind the masks.

When asked what it was like to perform in front of a large audience again after two years of infection, she had a clear answer:

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– I’m so glad to be on that stage again, which is an ecstatic feeling. This is just the beginning – there will be a lot of hard work after losing a couple of years. Now all you have to do is pack your bags and start.

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