Kent Anderson: – It seems very unfair – VG

Kent Anderson: - It seems very unfair - VG

ZHANGIJAKOU (VG) Ebba Andersson (24) was crushed after losing the bronze at three miles over hundreds of meters before the finish. It feels so unfair now, said the weeping Swede, after his darkest moment as a skater.


Therese Juhaug went for gorgeous gold in three miles, and Jesse Diggins had complete control of the silver. It also looked like Ebba Anderson took the bronze after walking alone for so long.

But at the top of the hill, a few hundred meters before the end, she was suddenly caught again. Anderson was blown away by strong winds, while Kerto Niskanen took the bronze and hit several past the Swede’s goal. Anderson ended up in eighth and crushed after the finish.

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– I tried to give what I had towards the goal, but I was very surprised when suddenly they were in the back at the bottom of the hill. It’s an unfair feeling right now, Anderson tells Aftonbladet.

Medal lost: Ebba Anderson chose to follow Therese Juhaug (left) for a three-mile start. The Swede got burned because of it.

– I really fought there, and I don’t understand how they could have come so quickly in the end. It’s hard to be someone when you’re three miles out here in these conditions and big chunks on your own. Also a lot of air came out of me mentally because… I already fought there, she says and started crying.

Is this your darkest moment as a skater?

Certainly, says Anderson who travels from Beijing with one medal, bronze in the relay.

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Today, Jonna Sundling is the best Swede in fourth place.

The Norwegians were injured by Anderson after the race. Therese Juhaug said she felt sorry for Anderson. Lotta Udens Wong thought the same thing.

– Eba deserved a medal. I can’t imagine how embarrassing it is, Odens Wing tells VG.

Skating legend Gundy Svan wonders if Anderson’s tactics of following Gohog’s head start and opening up tough were correct.

– She has the mentality that she should take the gold. Svan says in Discovery she’s hanging for too long and getting totally stupid.

SVT expert Matthias Fredrickson believes the controversy has been too dramatic.

– It’s too pungent. Fredrickson says I have EPA who runs a great 29km race.

Ebba Anderson believed that the gusty winds were erratic.

“I thought on the last hill I just had to give what I had and walk away with that medal, but…wins here and there one can’t control, and I don’t quite understand how they can get that fast finish,” says Anderson.

She cried and cried while conducting a series of interviews.

For Charlotte Cala too (34), the 30-kilometer race was a nightmare. She finished 35th, 9.51 minutes behind Johaug.

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