June 5, 2023


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Kentucky UK: - Found a chicken head in food:

Kentucky UK: – Found a chicken head in food:

British magazine JustEat published about the famous fast food restaurant KFC, the reason for the spread of social media.

The British newspaper writes on the Internet independent.

– Fried chicken head

A customer calling himself Gabriel gives the restaurant two stars – and attaches a photo explaining why she slaughtered the fast food chain.

– I found a fried chicken head in chicken wings. It made me lose my appetite for the rest, wow, as claims in the review.

Food must have been ordered from KFC Feltham in Twickenham, UK.

In the photo, she was holding a chicken’s head with a clear beak and clear eyes, and they seemed to be fried with chicken wings.

Chicken Head: This is definitely not a chicken wing.  Photo: TakeoutTrauma

Chicken Head: This is definitely not a chicken wing. Photo: TakeoutTrauma
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The review was supposed to be published on December 3 this year, and later shared on Instagram The shock of eating out.

– what’s the problem?

However, it is no longer visible on the restaurant’s JustEat page.

Feedback not long in coming.

– What does it take to get 1 star, one writes in the comments field.

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No one else seems particularly shocked by the results:

– But what’s the problem? Chicken head (brain, eyes, etc.) is very tasty, the person writes apparently unaffected.

But not everyone handles it well:

“I really wish I could travel two minutes back, before I saw this,” the person writes.

– generous

Kentucky Fried Chicken in the United Kingdom witnessed the resurrection.

all by herself Instagram account They call Gabriel’s review “probably the most generous 2-star rating ever”.

– Honestly, wow. We were really shocked by this picture. We were even confused, writes the British branch of the fast food chain.

– It’s shocking. Once we saw that, we went with JustEat and got it sorted out. Quite simply – we serve real chicken. We are proud of that.

He died: This is not something you see every day, cow on your way to McDonald’s. Video: Dagbladet / Viralhog.
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Furthermore, the fast food chain explains that they have strict food controls in place at several stages before it reaches restaurants, where their employees prepare the food.

But it is true that even the best plans can, on rare occasions, go wrong. This is really a rare case. This is something we take very seriously, KFC writes.

– Measures carried out

They promise that they have already implemented measures to prevent this from happening again.

– In the end, what matters is that Gabriel should have had an excellent experience with Kentucky this evening, and she didn’t.

KFC says they called Gabriel, and that she received free food as a plaster on the wound. They also invited her and her family to the restaurant, so they could see how the staff was doing in the kitchen “so you feel safe next time.”

– Let’s just face it: nobody wants to show up Tweet embed (Do not hurt people). They concluded that we hope Gabrielle will soon leave 5-star reviews again.

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