Kenya: – Desperate for lack of condoms

Kenya: - Desperate for lack of condoms

local newspaper the star He writes that the condom shortage is due to the government’s high taxes on condoms.

Restaurants, hospitals, and other public facilities no longer have free condoms in the toilets that people can use.

This news comes just weeks after the news was known Severe shortage of HIV testing kits in the country.

This can lead to more frequent transmission between mother and child.

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Kenyans are in shock

The last time the government eliminated free condoms was in 2020. But the government is unable to give them as much as they need.

As a result, vulnerable groups, such as adolescents, cannot afford condoms, and the risk of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/AIDS has increased dramatically.

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This is what Catherine Ngogi, Head of Healthcare at AID, tells us AllAfrica.

Ngugi works to provide medical treatment to people infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Ministry of Health informed residents that they are obligated to ensure that the problem of shortages of goods in the country is resolved as soon as possible.

They say this after it emerged that there is an acute shortage of condoms, as data shows that Kenya needs 455 million condoms annually, compared to the 1.6 million that the authorities provide per month.

Comes with solutions

However, the ministry has advised Kenyans to contact health institutions and inform them of other available contraceptives, and says female condoms, called femidom, are in excess.

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Drawing to solve a 30-year-old puzzle

Drawing to solve a 30-year-old puzzle

“We have secured resources with our partners, and we should be able to provide more information when we expect these shipments to arrive in the country,” said Administrative Secretary of the Health Cabinet Dr Mercy Mwanganji. AllAfrica.

AllAfrica writes that the cost of producing a condom is about 40 kroner, while the cost of producing a female condom is about three kroner.

not popular

The female condom has not gained any popularity in Kenya, although it has been nearly 20 years since it was introduced in the country.

The latest figures from the Ministry of Health indicate that it is the most unwanted modern method of contraception. Health Research spokesperson Peter Mogheri previously told The Star that The biggest challenge is knowledge About how to use it and where to access it.

Some women say it is uncomfortable. Others say men complain that it’s annoying, he said.

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