Kept isolated in a room with police guards outside: Now ‘unvaccinated’ Novak Djokovic receives massive support

Djokovic has won the Australian Open multiple times. Photograph: Kelly Devina/Reuters



Tennis star Novak Djokovic has been banned from entering Australia to participate in a tennis tournament due to his vaccination status. When does he get massive support?

First, Djokovic has been exempted from visa rules which state that those entering the country must be vaccinated against Corona.

But when the tennis star went down, the politicians put their feet up. They prevent Serbs from entering the country. This has resulted in Djokovic now sitting in isolation in a room with police officers standing outside, he writes daily Mail.

The father, Srjan, claims that the Serb has no opportunity to call any of his loved ones or use a mobile phone.


The father made a statement regarding the uproar surrounding the refusal to enter where he said the son is being held as a prisoner in Australia, but he is a role model for the rest of the world.

– This is not a fight for the free world, this is not just a fight for Novak, but a fight for the whole world! He is said to have said according to the Daily Mail.

A post longer than his father’s statement was posted on social media.

Djokovic also receives support from his colleagues.

Tennys Sandgren, who was also banned from the Australian Open for putting in a vaccine, wrote a number of posts on Twitter in support of his teammate.

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– I have to be absolutely clear here. Two separate medical boards agreed to exempt him (from the visa). Politicians stop him. He writes that Australia does not deserve to host the Grand Slam.

Others agree.

– You follow the rules set by the authorities in the state. You travel all over the world and then the same people who approved your request tell you that you can’t enter while you’re isolated in a room. This is not the way to treat someone. Public humiliation, writes journalist Sasha Ozmo.

Well-known TV personality Gillian McKeith is also angry at the Australian authorities.

Tennis star Djokovic has simply exposed the complete despotism and hypocrisy of the Australian government. The only reason Australians are so protesting against his medical exemption is that they lined up as good young slaves and did as a dictator told them to. he got up! You write on Twitter.

Late Wednesday night, it was reported that his visa had been canceled and Djokovic deported from Australia.

– We can confirm that Mr. Djokovic was unable to provide the documents to meet the entry requirements, and therefore his visa was cancelled. Persons who are not Australian citizens, who do not have a valid visa or whose visas have been revoked, will be arrested and deported from Australia, mentioned in statment from the border authorities.

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The president supports Djokovic

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, also took part in the field. He says that “all of Serbia” supports the tennis star and that they are doing everything “to end the harassment of the best tennis player in the world”. Serbia summoned the Australian ambassador to the carpet, writes guardian.


The tennis star’s exception to the vaccine requirement has caused overwhelming criticism in Australia.

– If the reasons for Djokovic’s exemption are insufficient, he will be sent on his first trip home, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison commented earlier on Wednesday.

He should not be treated differently. There should be no special rules for Novak Absolutely Djokovic, Morrison continued.

Stephen Barnes, former vice president of the Australian Medical Association, said Djokovic’s dispensation sends a disgusting signal to those trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

– I don’t care how good a tennis player he is. He wrote that if he refuses to be vaccinated, he should not be allowed entry (into the country) Twitter.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal does not fully support Djokovic. He stated that the Serb “must bear the consequences” of his decision not to receive the vaccine. Nadal said Australians had a right to be angry.

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A court said Thursday morning that Djokovic could not be deported until Monday pending an extended hearing. But it is also written that Australian authorities can review the ruling.

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