Ketil Knutsen, Bodo Glimt | Experts react to Bodo/Glimt coach Ketil Knutsen's behavior towards YMCA player Peter Nosa Dahl

Ketil Knutsen, Bodo Glimt |  Experts react to Bodo/Glimt coach Ketil Knutsen's behavior towards YMCA player Peter Nosa Dahl

Ahead of Friday's 2-2 home game against Kivum Oslo, Ketil Knutsen made a statement about his on-loan striker Peter Nosakhary “Nosa” Dahl. Manager Glimt believes the 20-year-old “ruined the season by coming to Bodø in poor physical condition”.

– When he arrived, he was a hundred nautical miles away from playing a match, simply because of his physical fitness. Knutsen told the local newspaper that he spent the entire season last year training in preparation for the season Budo now.

This winter, Nossa Dahl was loaned out to the club from which he was bought and in Friday's match at Aspermira he also scored a goal against Glimt.

– It was amazing. “Make someone eat their words a little bit,” Noosa Dahl said of her goal. TV 2 during the break.

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He responds to Knutson's criticism: We must be careful

Before the match, Nosa Dahl told TV 2 that he thought it was “a bit strange that he would come out with this to the media”, but that he did not feel any particular desire for revenge.

After the match, the whole thing escalated a few more degrees.

-You have to be careful when making a direct statement about something you don't fully understand the scope of. I think Knutsen should have kept himself better than to comment on what should be between him and the player in some way. I can imagine he thought about that then too, Nisso leader Christopher Vachog tells Netavicin.

He heads the Sportsmen's Union in Norway.

– Without knowing the context, I think Ketil Knutsen was very honest with the player when he was at the club. But then one might be surprised that it is done this way. I don't feel there is any intention on Knutsen's part to stir up trouble, but it could be interpreted that way, he says as well.

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Fachog does not believe this is the first time the player has heard Knutsen's opinion, but as the situation developed, the player was surprised when confronted with Knutsen's public statements leading up to the game.

– I still think it is unfortunate to comment on matters that should be between the coach and the player or the club and the player. I don't think that should have been published at all, you should have at least made sure to explain it, says the Niso leader, who believes there appears to have been an attempt to rectify the matter afterwards.

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Vachog also recorded how Knutsen pulled Nossa Dahl to him between interviews shortly after the match. TV 2 cameras captured the situation, where Glimt's coach, according to Nosa Dahl, was said to have asked if he was “upset by something”.

-I understand very well that the YMCA is reacting to it to some extent as well. It gets weird and you want to protect the player.

-There is a skewed relationship between power and experience here. Therefore, I also believe that Knutsen would have liked to make this comment. It shouldn't have to be said.

Nettavisen was in contact with Bodø/Glimt. They say they have no comment on this matter.

After the match, Knutsen took Nosa Dahl into a separate room to chat. Noosa Dahl had just finished an interview with NRK, and Knutsen was with that, when Glimt's coach took his loaned player out into the hallway. They stood there for several minutes with the door closed, while several YMCA leaders stood and waited.

-We think it was a bit unfortunate after the match. Beyond that, we have no comment and have now put an end to the issue, says general manager Thor Erik Stenberg to Nettavisen about what happened in Bodø on Friday evening.

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Expert: – I can't even call it criticism

TV 2 expert Yaw Amankwa believes it is very important that Knutsen is aware of his place in Norwegian football now with what he and Glimt have achieved.

– Especially when it comes to individual players. It's definitely better to have these conversations off-camera, even if they lead to good clicks. As long as Nosa Dahl remains a Glimt property, there is also a bit of personnel policy. “I think he should have tried to avoid that,” Amankwa tells Netafisin about the situation

However, when it comes to the statements themselves, Amankwa is clear that coach Glimt's message is on the inside.

– That he didn't want to be portrayed as a fool because he didn't see Nusa Dal's potential now that he's in incredibly good shape, and I understand that he wants to answer that – and that it has to do with his physical condition, says TV 2- The Expert.

Noosa Dahl has taken on the challenge and is now in a safer environment and performing better. While he is in much better physical condition than when he came to Glimt, Amankwa believes Knutsen has every right to pass that on.

– Then I miss him receiving the question; “Did you have good enough physical fitness when you came to Glimt?”, says the TV 2 expert about the YMCA player who scored the winning goal in the 1-1 win at Aspermira Stadium.

Amankwa believes that a coach should be allowed to point out this fact if a player admits that he was not at the level he is now.

– I wouldn't call that a criticism. I think he's just pointing out the facts, and says more about the YMCA player that he thinks he's never been better than he is now.

– The best way is to respond on the field. All thanks to Nosa Dal for what he showed.

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Freddy Torresen, Avisa Nordland's Glimt correspondent, was present at Aspmyra on Friday. He believes the current league champion could have handled the matter differently.

– I think what happened in Aspmyra was handled poorly by Knutsen and Glimt. I don’t think they will come out lucky,” he told Netavicin.

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– It shouldn't be like that

Niso Vatshaug believes that a situation has been created and may seem unfair to the player given the different situations created by Knutsen and Nosa Dahl.

-You may feel a bit unnecessarily uncomfortable. “I didn't think it was that good myself,” he says.

Knutsen himself stated that they spent a long time building the player after he came to the club, before “we then helped him find a place where he could play matches more often”. Coach Glimt also said they are monitoring his development in Oslo and also praised the current YMCA player's performance when he scored.

Fachog believes that one should be generous with players who find the motivation to perform better – as is the case, for example, in the case of a change of club.

– I would also respond if a player stood in front of the camera and talked about his former coach. It would also have caused unrest if I talked about what the coaches looked like in the locker room. We shouldn't be like this. We will have high ceilings in the locker room and one-on-one. We accept that in sports.

– But not in front of the camera like this. It creates uncertainty and questioning: 'Is this what big sport should be like?' So my answer is that it shouldn't be. It shouldn't turn out this way. He says that Knutsen is a man of experience and I am very convinced that he realizes this himself.

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