Kevin Fujinis: — He was seriously triggered

Kevin Fujinis: — He was seriously triggered

On Saturday, this year’s Eurovision final will take place in Liverpool and, true to tradition, NRK, with presenter Mart Stockstad (44) at the helm, has sampled this year’s tunes – with the accompanying slant – in the popular “Adresse…”.

about the torch

About the ‘secret’ flame: – Feeling good

Not everything is to everyone’s taste, that’s something of the Standing Committee made up of Kevin Vogenis (36), Ingeborg Heldal (49) and Stian “Staysman” Thorbjornsen (41). They suffered it agonizingly ahead of the final in Rotterdam in 2021.

SCRÅBLIKK: Kevin Vågenes presented with Ingeborg Heldal and Stian

SCRÅBLIKK: Kevin Vågenes along with Ingeborg Heldal and Stian “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen provided regular expert commentary ahead of the Eurovision Finals. Here with broadcaster Marte Stokstad and guest expert Margaret Berger at “Adresse Torino” last year. Photo: NRK
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Kevin Singles

Spain has participated in Eurovision every year since 1961 and thus celebrated its 60th anniversary with the Blas Cantó song “Voy a quedarme” – in Norwegian “Jeg skal bli”. At “Adresse Rotterdam,” the committee wanted everything but the Spaniard to stay in the final, and Kevin Voginis was very tough.

Do you know the star?

Do you know the star?

– It’s a scandal. No country should go directly to the final. Makes you a little lazy. You don’t have that hunger to show your best self, the Eurovision fan assured and gave Spain the lowest score at 1.

Song about Grandpa: The Spaniard Blas Canto sang about his deceased grandmother, but Kevin Fugenes didn't hear it.  Then the holiday country caught fire.  Photo: EBU

Song about Grandpa: The Spaniard Blas Canto sang about his deceased grandmother, but Kevin Fugenes didn’t hear it. Then the holiday country caught fire. Photo: EBU
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Lost father and grandmother

The television clip spread around the world, and the response was not long in coming. Perhaps a lot of that has to do with the fact that Blas Canto has a sad story to tell in his song. He lost his grandmother to Corona, and his father died while creating the song.

Blas Canto made no secret that the Norwegian criticism hurt him deeply.

Finn Käärijä is among this year’s artists who got the most attention at Eurovision – and now he’s getting attention for entirely different reasons. Video: NTB, BBC/Twitter. Correspondent: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV
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“My soul hurts when I see things like this. No one knows what I’m going through and the strength it takes just to keep living. I don’t blame them, they are definitely amazing people. Always love from me,” Blas Cantu wrote on Twitter.

That's why he didn't come

That’s why he didn’t come

gang with bitches

The others were not at all diplomatic, but took to social media to defend themselves — not least in response to Cantu’s tweet.

“What a bunch of bitches these Norwegians are. They must be mean and disrespectful to the contestant’s grandmother,” one Twitter user wrote.


GULLGUTT: “Couple Therapy” won the Gullruten Award for Best Comedy Program in 2019, and Kevin can cheer out loud at his home in Bergen. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Se og Hør
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These are the ones who leave the elders. They have no idea what it means to be a family. Let them smoke salmon!!! wrote another – while words like “disgusting” and “disgraceful” were repeated in many Twitter messages.

I wish good luck

In front of Dagbladet, NRK Entertainment editor-in-chief Eric Sandberg asked Ingstad, Spain about the good weather.

– We wish Blas Cantu all the best. When we learned that he had interacted with the clip, we contacted the Spanish delegation, expressed our sympathy and wished him all the best in the finals, said the head of entertainment.

Dagbladet’s reviewer gave this a roll of the dice and called it the music’s low point. Video: BBC/Eurovision.
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Now things did not go well with the Spanish contribution to Rotterdam. In the final, “Voy a quedarme” placed twenty-fourth with a paltry six points – just five more than Kevin Vaughnessy had put in. So the humorist — forever known for his schemes about “couples therapy” — may have been on the right track with his harsh judgment…

Se og Hør tried to get further feedback from Kevin Vågenes on the occasion of the case, but was unable to connect.

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