“KI politician” runs for election in Great Britain – NRK Østfold – Local news, TV and radio

“KI politician” runs for election in Great Britain – NRK Østfold – Local news, TV and radio

Among the ballots in the Brighton Pavilion precinct, one candidate stands out.

It is not a real person. The filter is named after its creator, the businessman. Steve Endacott.

symbol picture “AI Steve” is made of artificial intelligence (AI) and responds On questions about everything from gay rights and immigration to housing challenges.

What we're doing is creating a representative that you can talk to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Endacott tells Reuters.

Screenshot of AI-Steve's website. The figure in the image was generated by AI.

On the “AI Steve” website, voters can talk to an AI-created avatar. This is a screenshot of the front page of the site.

The conversations will be used in politics.

But the computer program can't appear in the National Assembly. If “AI Steve” gets enough votes, the man behind it, Steve Endacott, will be the district's representative.

He claims that he will vote for the proposals of the voters, who spoke to the KI version of him.

– He discusses politics with you. It also gives me information about what people want, Endacott tells the news agency.


A cardboard figure of “AI Steve” stands with his creator, entrepreneur Steve Endacott.

Photo: MOVIGHA M/Reuters

Endacott, who is running as an independent, believes the avatar will make the elections more democratic.

It's just a trick, says British expert Eric Mustad.

Jean-Eric Mustad

Erik Mustad is a senior lecturer at the University of Agder. He has little confidence that the British will have any particular interest in “AI Steve”.

Photo: Trin Andersen/NTB scanpix

– This seems like a desperate attempt to show that he has money and wants influence, Mustad tells NRK.

Hundreds of candidates are running for election in Britain on the Fourth of July, but few are gaining national attention. Mustad believes the KI politician is just trying to buy him off.

– we've got We have seen before in Britain that some wealthy people want to obtain power and influence, either through a legal system, or through a political system.

AI-generated politicians of the future?

People who want to learn about Endacott's policy can talk to the avatar. They get answers instantly.

– Most people cannot reach politicians. Being able to talk to an avatar like “AI Steve” is a funny idea, says digital ethicist Leonora Onarheim Bergsjo of Östfold University College.

Medical Office-K-Leonora-Bergsjo

Associate Professor at Østfold University College, Leonora Onarheim Bergsjo, believes the KI politician fits the times.

Photo: Brother Kvamin Berki/NRK

She sees potential in “AI Steve,” but points to several challenges in the future use of AI-generated avatars by politicians.

Examples include trust, credibility and climate footprint.

– If every single person in the population spoke to the political figures, we would have a huge climate footprint. Then we have to ask the question: Is this where we should really be using energy?

Avatars will also be affected by the data they are trained on. Bergsio explains that the claim that technology is morally neutral is a myth.

– The avatar will appear more nuanced in his views, but he is charged with values ​​like any politician and the experiences that a human goes through.

For accessibility, “AI Steve” is excellent, but when it comes to integrity, he won’t succeed, she says.

-It's about trust. There must be a representative who can take responsibility and apologize when something goes wrong. It's about integrity and a lot more than just the ability to give good answers.

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