June 10, 2023


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Kicked out of the reading room: – It takes guts to be a noisy group

It’s getting late, and NTNU’s music students are ready to go home. Students can be found sitting and lying on the floor; They politely decline to be interviewed and photographed. Fortunately, there is life in Anne Victoria Tønnessen and Kristin Tennfjord Engås, both of whom are studying classical violin. They say they know the pressure of the exam.

the goal: Ingas is confident that her training plan will enable her to reach her goal with her exam preparations.

Relax: Tønessen believes it is important to prioritize taking care of yourself and your body during the exam period.

relax: Tuncin believes it is important to prioritize taking care of yourself and your body during the exam period.

– Demands to finish ammo on time and perform well, while keeping profit. We have many other music theory exams, and combined with all the required practice on the instrument, it’s quite challenging.

Tønessen says that as a classical violin student you can become quite isolated, practicing for many hours alone in the practice room.

I have many strategies for dealing with stress. I talk a lot with friends and family, and make sure to do other things, like take care of my body.

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Both violinists point out the importance of making plans for each day separately, but also for longer periods. Girls say that this is necessary to achieve goals, both in the run-up to concerts and exams.

– Not cold with two oxygen molecules in the air

Music student Thomas Christiansen is someone who doesn’t get nervous before his first violin exam. He studies classical trombone performance in his freshman year.

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Priorities: Christiansen doesn't feel the pressure of exams yet, but says panic may set in a week early.

Priorities: Christiansen isn’t feeling exam pressure yet, but says panic may set in a week early.

– Stress, am I? No, yes, yes, no. You can’t do any more than what you’re doing anyway, so don’t really do it. Maybe I’ll panic a week ago, we’ll see.

To manage stress, Christiansen makes sure he finishes everything before 7:00 p.m.

– Then I can do other things, like training.

The three music students are straightforward about what they think is good rehearsal room etiquette.

“I experienced someone booking a room for two hours to sleep in, and then it was tempting to kick that person out,” Tonsin says, frustrated and laughing.

Students agree that the most important thing is to be present when you book a room, and that you use the room effectively for its purpose, ie training.

– Students say the worst thing is coming to a refurbished practice room filled with half cups of coffee, food, and trash.

They also say that there is a problem with bad air in Olavskvartalet’s small training rooms.

– It’s not cool to come into the training room with two molecules of oxygen in the air. If I’ve booked a room for a quarter of an hour, I should always open the door and go for a ten-minute walk before rehearsal can begin, Christiansen says.

Annoying madman

Nursing student Sol Mørch-Jensen wishes the reading room was cozier, being in the realm of wearing slippers and bringing cocoa and not always being professional. However, she points out, it is important for people to act.

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Comfort: Mørch-Jensen wished the reading room was more relaxing.

comfort: Mørch-Jensen wished the reading room was more relaxed.

The worst is when people make noise, leave rubbish, or steal other people’s things in the reading room.

Nora Moen-Hagen, Oda Lundsbeken, and Mae Haegg Lee are all studying to be history lecturers, and it gives them the impression that they’ve spent a lot of time in the reading room.

– It’s insanely annoying with people who take up a lot of space. In Dragvoll, there are often long tables occupied with bags and clothes, while people go for several hours, the girls say.

They also point out that it is not within the scope to be loud at a computer, talk loudly on the phone or eat smelly food.

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Consideration: The three history students find it annoying when people take up so much space in the reading room.

consideration: The three history students find it annoying when people take up so much space in the reading room.

From one troublemaker to another

Political science students Jonas Røisland and Sindre Oksby admit that they weren’t once among the most considerate people in the Pacific.

– Once we kicked out three guards in the library. I get it, we made quite a bit of noise, but it was a pretty awful experience, says Roseland.

Fellow student Oxby says that the cause of embarrassing behavior depends on the model of interest in the group of friends.

“When there are a lot of people, the volume will increase because people are fighting for the attention they feel they deserve,” explains Oxy.

Øksby encourages other groups of friends with rowdy dynamics to learn the hard way, but perhaps the most effective way: experiment.

– First, I recommend that you sit in the reading room and experience the expulsion, so as not to be deterred from doing it again.

He stresses that it is important to learn from what you have done, so that you can grow from the experience and become a better person.

– Then you can sit in Fagland if you want to chat and a reading room if you want to work independently.

Røisland sums up the solution by misquoting a Paradise hotel participant.

Self-awareness, my boy, is about groups of friends having the courage to realize that they are a very noisy group and may need to sit somewhere other than the quiet zone.

Pleasant LIBRARIAN: Lorangen believes that people are generally well behaved.

Nice library: Lorangien believes that people generally behave well.

Affairs among the subject shelves

Librarian Anne Lorangin at the NTNU Dragvoll Library is fairly satisfied with the movement and behavior of the students in the library.

People pretty much follow the standards, and zoning out separate areas for group work and independent reading helps create a fun and organized environment, she explains.

She says there are still times when employees see behavior that doesn’t necessarily belong in the library.

Sometimes we have to ask people to calm down when others are trying to study. Sometimes some people find love among the shelves of study materials, which is fun, but we’d appreciate if the students involved could take their plunge elsewhere, Lorangin says with a smile.

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