“Kills” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Cartoon

"Kills" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Cartoon

Democrats want to punish Republican Paul Gosar. And he published a video showing him “killing” a political opponent and threatening the president.

Twitter rated the movie clip as hateful and in violation of company rules. But they did not remove it.

“Are there any anime fans?” asks Paul Gosar on Twitter.

Animation is Japanese animation. Gosar is a Republican congressman from Arizona.

He posted a minute and a half video. Parts of him are manipulated so that his face is on one of the superheroes. In one scene, the Radical Democrat Alexandria kills Ocasio-Cortez.

In another scene, President Joe Biden is attacked with two swords.

Everything happens quickly, and photo manipulation seems unfamiliar.

But the feedback is strong.

will achieve

Twitter quickly hid the video. The company has issued a warning that it has a hate message. But they did not remove it. Users can click again to view it.

The leader of the House Democrats will investigate Gosar. Nancy Pelosi also called on Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy to indict Gosar.

So far, McCarthy hasn’t wanted to answer, he writes Washington Post.

“Threats of violence against members of Congress and the President of the United States cannot be tolerated,” Pelosi said.

White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said:

– This should not happen, and we must condemn it.

Pelosi is asking the Congressional Ethics Committee to investigate the video. She also wants the police to look into the matter.

“hate fellow”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez signed himself Twitter That “a bad actor I work with, who raises money for neo-Nazis, was in a fantasy movie that’s killing me.”

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She has no confidence that Pelosi will get anywhere. She wrote that Gosar would not be punished, as the Republican leadership “cheers him and apologizes to him.”

Criticism stunned Paul Gosar.

Exploding critics

Gosar himself does not take criticism seriously. And he posted a cartoon on Twitter, with the message: “Relax, it’s a cartoon.”


according to Reuters He says:

I will always fight for the rule of law, defend our borders and defend the America First programme.

Gosar is one of former President Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters. He described the mob who attacked Congress on January 6 of this year as “peaceful patriots.”

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