Kim Jong-un has lost weight: North Korea is all about it

Kim Jong-un has lost weight: North Korea is all about it

eThe situation in North Korea is uncertain. But now one thing is clear: the rulers Kim Jong-un Weight loss. This is very clear in the photos of the last party meeting, when even state television was forced to take a stand. It released an interview with a passerby who expressed deep concern about the guide’s well-being. “We were devastated to see how much our dear Comrade General Secretary had fainted. Of course we were in tears,” he added: “Everyone is talking about this.”

Friedrich Page

Political correspondent for China, North Korea and Mongolia.

One can only assume that the North Korean campaign is trying to create the impression that the rulers are tightening their belts during difficult times for ordinary people. Kim Jong-un recently acknowledged that the food supply in his country is becoming increasingly “tight”. But since one can assume that the refrigerator in Kim’s garden is always full, the question is why she lost weight.

Consider two possible answers. One is that the health of the ruler is bad, which is not good for the stability of the country. Or Kim Jong-un went on a diet following the recommendations of his doctors. From the little things known about him, it is known that he has so far responded in kind to such advice. The delegation around basketball player Dennis Rodman became more familiar with Kim than any other foreigner, for example, reported on the ruler’s excessive cola consumption. Meanwhile his uncle Zhang Chang-taik, who was hanged, asked him to be moderate, but he was dissatisfied. One scene is known, in which his wife Ri Sol-joo tells her 37-year-old husband to stop smoking when he goes to China.

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Kim has been reported dead several times

Perhaps in the direction of state television, the reduced body size of Kim Jong-un has also played a role in what international viewers have noticed. Seoul-based specialty website NK News has released its luxury watch from IWC Shafasan’s Portobino collection, which is priced at over 10,000 10,000. Compared to previous photos, it was built much closer to Kim’s wrist than usual. Definitely need explanation in their own country because North Koreans are trained to feel small changes in the absence of any other information.

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