Kim Kardashian denies taking fillers

Kim Kardashian denies taking fillers

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian (41) He became one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the world. Having excelled in the real world with her famous family, she is suddenly on the lips of “everyone”.

Admittedly, the success has also led to endless speculation about whether or not Kardashian has actually committed to various cosmetic procedures. Over the years, many fans have noticed that she looked different on several occasions.

Now the reality star answers speculation once and for all.

Laughter: Kim Kardashian sparks ridicule on social media after participating in a commercial. Video: YouTube / Beyond Meet
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refuses to interfere

In a new interview with a fashion magazine, Lure This 41-year-old reveals what cosmetic interventions she has resorted to, and also what she has stayed away from.

Among other things, the magazine asks her questions about what is on her face.

A little bit of Botox, but I considered it easy, in fact, Kardashian admits, while pointing to the area between his eyebrows.

The reality star adds that she never used fillers, and denies that they filled her lips and cheeks.

– Without fillers. She’s never filled any of them, the mother-of-four asserts, at the same time she denies that she’s tried using eyelash extensions.

proces: Khloe Kardashian admits what she did to her face. Pictures from HayU in TV 2 play.
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– It’s not easy

However, Kardashian is no stranger to being more than average about her look.

During the interview, she admitted this, but indicated that it is not only when she is at the same time the mother of her four children Northern (9), Saint (6), Chicago (4), and Psalm (3). ).

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– I’m really interested in looking good. I probably care about more than 90 percent of everyone on our planet. It’s not easy when you’re a mom and you’re exhausted when the day is over, or you go to school and I’m all of the above, Kardashian admits.

Furthermore, the 41-year-old reveals that it only takes her late at night to do her usual beauty treatments. Then she tends to have laser treatments, among other things.

Kardashian: The Kardashian family received a lot of criticism after the premiere of their new series, and there’s one detail in particular that sparked a backlash. Video: Disney + / Youtube. Reporter: Anna Celine Hanisch.

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