Kim Kardashian: – – She was tired

Kim Kardashian: - - She was tired

Earlier this week came the news of the rapper Kanye West (44)) Banned from Instagram As a result of violating application policies. mentioned NBC News.

West, who is now called Yeknown for expressing his opinions on social media, and among those the rapper strongly opposed is the former Kim Kardashians (41) new torch Pete Davidson (28).

Now, however, Kardashian is said to have commented on the exclusion, according to another source the people.

divided: It’s set on the final episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” and it’s there that Kim Kardashian talks about why she wants a divorce. Video: Hayo via TV 2 play
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Joking about the exclusion

Kim Kardashian believes the exclusion was fair, says the source.

It is said that the reality star didn’t get much out of it, but rather came up with a funny joke.

– I joked that she needed a day off. The source continues that Kanye’s post was tiring for her.

In January, the rapper released a music video for the song “Easy”. There he snatches a doll from Davidson, ties it up, and burns it. The video has now been removed from Instagram.

racist insults

A Meta spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday that all photos on the rapper’s Instagram profile based on hate speech, bullying and harassment have now been deleted.

Deleted: All Kanye West photos have been deleted by the photo sharing app.  Photo: Instagram / Kanye West

Deleted: All Kanye West photos have been deleted by the photo sharing app. Photo: Instagram / Kanye West
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As a penalty, West was not allowed to post, comment or send messages on Instagram within 24 hours. Meta stated that there will be more consequences if the rapper continues to break the guidelines.

On the same day of the disqualification, West was said to have posted a photo of comedian Trevor Noah (38), and used racial insults in the comment.

brake: When Kim Kardashian talks about Kanye on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, she breaks down. Video: TV 2
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Noah previously spoke about West’s behavior after splitting with Kardashian daily offer Tuesday night. There, the comedian urged fans not to make fun of the situation.

– It has become a story that feels quite tabloid and I think it deserves more awareness from the public. I know everyone thinks it’s a PR stunt, Noah said.

Two things could be true: Kim loves publicity, and Kim is also bullied. Both can be true simultaneously.

legal one

Kardashian First sought divorce from the rapper Kanye West (44) In February 2021. The former went to court to be declared legal single, in the midst of ongoing and turbulent divorce negotiations.

Finally, the star was officially announced as a solo in the legal sense. mentioned TMZ advance this month.

Kardashian won the hearing, and her great desire to be single became a reality. However, the divorce itself continues.

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