Kim Mi-soo: – The actor (29) died suddenly

Kim Mi-soo: - The actor (29) died suddenly

South Korean actor Kim Mi Soo passed away on Wednesday of this week. She was only 29 years old. And her agency confirmed it in a statement on the same day, according to CNN.

We must share very sad and sad news. The statement said that actor Kim Mi Soo left us abruptly on January 5.

The agency also called on citizens not to spread rumors about the cause of death, which was not mentioned in the statement.

The mourners were devastated by this sudden and extremely dangerous news. We sincerely ask that you refrain from speculating about the cause of death, so that the tragic and grieving family may respectfully remember the deceased actor. We hope you will pray for the late actor to rest in peace, and once again we send our deepest condolences.

– Loss: Artist, actor and singer Hans-Eric Davek Hosby, aka Hank von Helvet, was confirmed dead Friday night. Video: Evan Larsson / Dagbladet TV. Reporters: Sigrid Hvedsten and Evan Larsson.
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Mi Soo Known from series such as “Snowdrop” and “Hellbound”. However, her death comes just weeks after the previous series premiered on Disney+.

In the series, the 29-year-old had a supporting role as student activist Yeo Jungmin.

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