June 10, 2023


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Kim Wiegard, Marius Hagen | Kim Wiegard lifts veil on wedding: – It will be a ‘big, gay wedding’

Rhodes/Greece (Netavisn): On Christmas Day, Kim Wiegard, 35, and Marius Hagen, 32, were able to share the good news of their engagement.

The pair are best known as drag queens, with Wigaard under the name Puffie Mantrap and Hagen as Pamela The Pam. They were last seen on TVNorge’s reality project “Drag Me Out” last spring.

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The former also became a familiar face to many this winter, when he stole the hearts of the Norwegian people as lead on NRK’s ​​hit “Dementia Choir”. In the spring, he will also become the presenter of the “Ungkaren” program on TVNorge.

At the same time, he is busy planning his dream wedding.

– It’s almost like you’re in a psychotic state

When Nettavisen recently caught up with Wigaard in connection with the press conference for “Ungkaren,” it made no secret that the couple is floating on a rosy cloud at the moment.

– You’ve found the right person. It’s so nice when you find someone you get along with, who plays well as a team and is a great team,” he tells Netavien.

Moreover, the 35-year-old says that he and his fiancee are good at different things, and thus they complement each other perfectly. In addition, they are eager to give each other the freedom to do whatever they want and spend time on their projects.

– It’s a very nice feeling, I must say. Wiegard says that love and being in love is the best feeling in the world.

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– It has already been proven that falling in love is like being in a state of psychosis, it is a kind of indomitable feeling. You just give it all up and go for it, and when you find the right person, it’s the best feeling on this earth,” he adds.

Fuss about the wedding

As we mentioned, in December of last year things got even more romantic for Wigaard and Hagen. Four days before Christmas Eve, the former got down on one knee and proposed. At the time, the couple had just moved into their new apartment.

– There were no expectations for that. Only tea lights, pizza and a couple of beers. Very intimate, and it’s also very “we”.

The engagement was photographed, and a few days later the 45-year-old shared it with his 40,000 followers on Instagram.

There is no doubt that the courtship remains grand to this day. In front of Nettavisen, Wigaard describes life as absolutely wonderful.

Since the couple broke the news in December, it’s been almost impossible not to get bombarded with questions from their friends about when the big wedding will take place.

They ask about all the details like where it will be, what kind of wedding it will be and if we’ve even started planning, he says, without wanting to reveal anything in particular about what it’s going to be like.

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– “Big Gay Wedding”

Although Wigaard keeps his cards close to his chest when it comes to wedding details, he can reveal that they are in the process of planning and have an idea of ​​what kind of wedding it will be.

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Yeah, we’ve started planning and talking about it to get some ideas together, but it’s nice to have some time to share as well. Don’t just jump into the big wedding right away, he smiles slyly.

Moreover, Wigaard confirms that they are planning a grand wedding with their loved ones.

– The engagement was very intimate only with me and Marius, so when it comes to the wedding, I think we’ll hit the big drum a little and throw a great party, he says and concludes:

– I’d say it’s going to be a “big gay wedding”.