Kindergarten heir bought a house for more than 33 million – E24

Kindergarten heir bought a house for more than 33 million – E24

By December two detached houses were ready on the western edge of Oslo. Now multi-millionaire Gaute Sævareid Aase owns one of them for over NOK 30 million.

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Multimillionaire Gaute Sævareid Aase (37) bought a new house on Bernhard Herres vei in Smestad, Oslo for NOK 33.7 million.

The house is one of two large detached houses built on 1.5 acres of land in a quiet residential area. The houses were completed in December last year.

The home purchase was registered on Tuesday, May 14. Unable to contact E24 Aus directly.

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Over 900 million assets

Gout Savereid Asse is one of three children of Sigurd Stein Asse and Eli Savereid, who are behind the nursery chain Drike Barnehager. The company is behind the private kindergarten FUS.

In the tax returns for 2022, he is listed with a net worth of NOK 963.5 million.

After buying the house, the kindergarten heir will become, among other things, one of the closest neighbors of the “Bamsebo” sector of the Klatremus Famliebarnehage.

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Kindergarten owner

Three siblings, Gaut (37), Eystein (39) and Urd Rocknhild (30) own 30 percent of the shares in Saverit Aus, the nursery group each.

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Urd Ragnhild Sævareid Aase bought one of the 20 most expensive registered houses in Norway last year, paying NOK 46 million for a 200 square meter apartment on Nordraaks Gate in Frogner.

Urth Rocknhild Saverit As paid NOK 46 million for an apartment on this farm in Frakner.

The 30-year-old had a net worth of over NOK 970 million in 2022.

In January 2023, it became known that the eldest of the siblings, Eystein Saverit As (39), moved to the same resort as Kjell Inge Røkke in Lugano, Switzerland, taking with him a fortune of more than NOK 300 million.

In the latest edition of Capital's Norway's 400 Richest, Eli Savereid's net worth is estimated at NOK 1.50 billion, while Sigurd Steen As's net worth is estimated at NOK 1.35 billion.

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