January 27, 2023


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King Carl Gustaf on not allowing his son, Prince Carl Philip, to become king:

Then Prince Carl Philip (43) He came into the world, a new crown prince was born. He was originally supposed to be the next King of Sweden, but it just didn’t turn out that way.

Just over half a year later, a decision by the Swedish Parliament changed the line of succession in Sweden, meaning that the eldest child inherits the throne regardless of gender. Writes Aftonbladet And the svt.

The constitutional amendment had already begun when Princess Victoria (45) was born. But only a few years later it came into force.

Honest in decision: On Wednesday, King Carl Gustaf delivered his annual Christmas address. He then went into more detail about why he chose to remove five of his grandchildren from the royal house this fall. Excerpt from “His Majesty the King’s Christmas Address 2019” (SVT)
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It now shows what King Carl Gustaf (76) really thinks about the change. In SVT’s new documentary “Sveriges sista kungar”, King described the decision as “difficult”.

– It is not wise to have retroactive laws, I still think so, the king admits.


Gathered: The Royal Family gathered at the reception at the Lodge at the Royal Palace for Princess Victoria's 40th birthday.  Photo: Christine Olson/TT/NTB

Gathered: The Royal Family gathered at the reception at the Lodge at the Royal Palace for Princess Victoria’s 40th birthday. Photo: Christine Olson/TT/NTB
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– My son, Prince Carl Philip, was born and then suddenly they changed him so that he would lose everything. It’s very strange, I think.

When asked if he thought it was unfair, he replied:

– Yes I think so. As a parent, I think it’s terrible.

However, the king believes that the change strengthens the monarchy, but notes, however, that perhaps it should have happened before the next generational change.

wrongly said: King Carl Gustaf did not hold his tongue when he gave a speech on the national holiday.
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In the documentary, it also appears that the Swedish court requested a supplementary interview to clarify the king’s opinion on the inheritance, as he appears to be sticking to his position.

King Carl Gustad adds that the change did not lead to a rift between the siblings, and that Prince Carl Philip “handled it well”.

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