Kingdom Roast, Sophie Elise | Sophie Elise is praised after “Rikets Roast”: – You’re crazy

Kingdom Roast, Sophie Elise |  Sophie Elise is praised after “Rikets Roast”: – You’re crazy

And on Wednesday night, influencer Sophie Elise Isaksen, 28, was laid out on the grill chair on VGTV’s “Rikets Roast.”

There she was harassed and teased by famous faces and comedians, among others Henrik Vladseth (34), Trude Drivland (76), Elsie Cass Voroseth (43) and Morten Hegseth (37).

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The latter warned of a potential storm of hate after the roast, and many Norwegians have flocked to VGTV over the past 24 hours to see the country’s biggest influencers have their say.

Get support from your followers

On Thursday evening, Isaksin took to Instagram to say thank you after torturing him on stage for more than an hour. Meanwhile, the comments section was filled with supportive messages for the influencer about how brave she is.

“I’m stooping in the dust. I wouldn’t have dared come to this without including X number of psychology classes afterwards.”reads one comment.

“Quite raw who stands up. And it commands respect.”writes another.

A third wrote that Isaksen is “crazy at running,” while several wrote that the influencer should be proud of his own efforts.

Sophie Elise Isaksen has not yet responded to Nettavisen’s inquiries regarding this matter.

Not everyone sees the humor

Morten Hegseth, 37, like many of the comedians involved, shared a post on Instagram after the roast.

“Swipe for Terror. Roast Rikets on VGTV Now”Hegseth writes to the picture circle.

In the post, he shared several clips of himself being roasted, and the comments section isn’t as excited about what they see as he is on Isachsen’s profile.

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“I didn’t think that was fun. How did V get to be ugly to other people? So I understand it has something to do with that, but these comments were disgusting, not comic.”Someone writes.

“We teach kids it’s not okay to bully, but if we show it on TV and call it a roast, that’s fine? But yeah, I also think some of it was funny, not all of it.”writes another.

“I’m too old for this. Being called an idiot and being told you’re hated… No. When that’s the kind of humor we should expect our children to sit and laugh at, I understand that children don’t understand that nasty words aren’t “It’s acceptable.”reads the third comment.

Meanwhile, there seem to be more people who see the humor in the content he’s shared. Among other things, the comment field was very excited about what Trude Drivland had to say.

I love that “low key” Trud kills everyone.writes artist Tommen Harkett (30).

Morten Hegseth has not yet responded to Netavisen’s inquiries regarding this case.

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