June 10, 2023


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“Kiwi-Camilla” expecting baby number two: – Looking forward to it

Pregnant: “Kiwi-Camilla” is a familiar face on TV screens.

In July, Matilde Solbakken, known as “Kiwi-Camilla”, will arrive. She is expecting a little boy.

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Previously, Matilde Solbakken (36) and her partner Niklas Windel (37) were parents to a girl named Wilma, born in July 2021.

– There will be exactly two years between them. Solbakken tells VG that the term is too close to Wilma’s birthday.

For years, she was the Kiwi’s outside face, smiling widely on the television screen in a green uniform.

Pregnancy isn’t going to put an end to the work she loves so much.

– We’ve been recording a lot of commercials lately, so I haven’t been away from the screen for too long. I don’t think many people noticed that I finally became a mother.

Big Sister: Wilma (1) will have a younger brother. As of August 2021, Wilma is a newborn.

Most things are ready until the boy arrives in July.

– We have a lot from the first husband, the grandparents also bought, so we look forward to it. Solbakkan says she was more comfortable with her last birth.

Nevertheless, they are ready for a change.

– We know sleep will be tight once again, and we hear rumors that it’s more difficult with more than one person, but it’ll be a lot of fun.

A family of nearly four lives in a one-story house in Lear. Vindal is from Drammen and Solbakken is from Hamar.

Soon-to-be mother of two: Matilde Solbakken is due in July.

They have been together for five years and first met on a city trip in Oslo.

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– We met at Bar Vulcan. I was with some friends and he was with some friends. We started talking and he followed me on the bus that evening. After that we actually started talking, but we didn’t meet again until two weeks after the first meeting, Solbakken said in an interview. Online newspaper In 2020.

Windle participated in the reality show “Paradise Hotel” in 2010 and 2011.

– None of us recognized each other. I lived in Denmark when Niklas was in “Paradise Hotel” and Niklas didn’t recognize me from the commercials.

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