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Leder for Småbrukarlaget Kjersti Hoff

Ola Fiskwick, Corporate Assistant Manager Norwegian Farmers and Small Farmers Association, then surprised The agricultural settlement was signed on Monday.

Team Members bAccording to Fiskwick, Ontake did not approve the SmabruckerJet deal.He believes this violates the association’s articles.

– The chief negotiator has violated his powers, he says.

Monday night, at 20:00, at the Farmers Organization, a meeting of district leaders was held. Among other things, they need to consider whether they will demand an extraordinary national meeting.

Two hours later, the meeting was over and there was no need for an extraordinary national meeting. However, the situation is not yet clear.

– Even though it is very bad, what we are reacting to now is not the agricultural contract. These are internal affairs that we are not happy about. After the meeting, Frank Valo, the leader of the county team in Troms, should be mentioned.

Rejects the error

Kjersti Hoff, chairman of the negotiating team, believes he has not violated any of the union’s articles and that he has the authority to sign the agreement. He is also the President of the Farmers and Small Farmers Association.

– They recognized the race we ran in the sprint, and then Hoff says I’m right as chairman of the negotiating team to sign the contract we made today.

He says they held a board meeting on Saturday, where the majority of the group wanted to proceed with the structure set up by the committee.

– We understand that we have an order to sign the contract.

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Hoff attended the board meeting tonight to explain his case.

Review of the contract

Ola Fiskwick says she is critical of the deal.

The overall structure in this case is acceptable. But he says we do not know if the whole agricultural policy and system of distribution reflects the policy of the Farmers and Small Farmers Association.

Ola Fiskwick, Founding Vice President of the Norwegian Farmers and Small Owners Association.

Photo: Norwegian Farmers and Small Farmers Association

Fiskwick points out that NBS, among other things, is critical of subsidized enrichment. The agreement, now signed, allows livestock producers to write off concentrations of Norwegian grains and imported raw materials to avoid a possible increase in concentrated prices.

We want to increase self-sufficiency in Norway. This is in line with the geopolitical situation we see when we stop exporting from country to country. Imports of concentrates reduce self-sufficiency.

You can turn the thumb down

The final agreement will be approved at the committee meeting on Thursday, May 19th.

This means inside the board The Norwegian Farmers and Small Owners Association may reject the agreement. If the majority votes against the agreement, no The Norwegian Farmers and Small Owners Association joins the agreement.

– Is the agricultural agreement agreed today likely to go unchallenged?

– It can happen, it’s very imaginary, but it can happen, says Hoff.

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