June 8, 2023


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Kjetil Borch went on a rampage: – It came right out

TOUGH TIME: Olympic nominee Kjetil Borch is struggling at the start of the season.

Kjetil Borch (33) had the worst imaginable start to the season. Nestoren on the Norwegian rowing team had a major downfall due to overtraining.


“It’s one of the biggest blowouts I’ve ever had,” Burch tells VG.

Porsche had stomach problems when he competed for the national team at the 4K in Italy this winter. He went straight to the wall.

– I got used to it, but then the symptoms appeared. I was cold, had a headache, and felt a great need for sleep. It lasted several weeks, says the single rower, who won silver at the Tokyo Olympics two years ago.

Porsche is back in training. He believes he ran tough stints too early in the next national team training camp.

– I went to a new, “invisible” bang. I couldn’t go back. He says he had to adjust the training again.

Kjetil Borch later suffered from disturbed sleep and was unable to train as planned.

My heart rate goes up a lot when I sleep. It is 18 to 20 percent higher than normal. The body is out of balance. I got out right away. The body does not recover as usual after exercise. He says everything takes longer and is not much predictable.

“The sleep pulse has come this week,” he says. On Friday he went to the doctor.

– I choose to practice once a day from now on with things that I think are fun. If it doesn’t work out, I just have to rest. For now, I’m just focusing on having fun, he says.

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At the same time, Porsche was a harsh critic of Astrid Ornholdt Jacobsen and the Sports Federation of Norway’s Athletes’ Committee on the question of whether Russian athletes should be allowed to return to international competitions.

– Smellen was about the body, but it is clear that such a state also requires effort. But he says it’s very important that it inspired me to be a dissenting voice.

Rowing Association sports director Daniel Liltvedt-Berg described Kjetil Porsche’s situation as “crazy”.

There are exciting times with him, but Kjetil has laid a good foundation in training before that happens. We’re working to shake things up, says Liltvedt-Berge.

For financial reasons, Norway will not take part in the opening World Cup in Croatia this weekend. The national team – without Porsche – instead takes part in the Christiania Regatta in Årungen.

He still aims to open the season with the European Commission in Slovenia at the end of May.

– I don’t care anything about the results of the World Cup or EC. Kjetil Borch says the only thing that matters is that I’m good old in the restroom.

The conference will not take place in Belgrade until September. Kjetil Borch has two gold medals earlier in his career, but he had to finish fifth in last year’s World Cup. The top eight in this year’s World Cup qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris next summer.


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