Kjøll running for re-election as president of sport – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Kjøll running for re-election as president of sport – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– I I have run marathons three times and this is the fourth time. I feel like I’m only halfway, and it’s never a good idea to give up halfway, as Head of Sports told NRK.

Keul has been president of sports since May 2019, when she was elected by just two votes Sports Council. Since earlier, she has a long management experience from the business world.

I am very excited to continue working to reverse the decline and ensure good framework conditions for Norwegian sport after the pandemic, says Kjøll in a press release.

We have many important matches ahead of us, but we are a strong team and I have told the selection committee that I would like to continue as team manager to ensure the continuity and continuity of the good work we have done together in a very special way. period, says Kjøll.

Beret Kjol

Berit Kjøll firmly believes that continuity in leadership will be good for the sports organization

Photo: Hanne Wilhelms/NRK

The epidemic was the biggest challenge

In the press release, Kjol specifically mentioned the electricity crisis, which she believes threatens to intensify the already dangerous situation for the sport, and which will push tire conditions even more difficult in the future.

– Both the majority of people and the state should tighten financial measures, at the same time we are struggling with school dropouts, increasing disparities related to people’s ability to afford participation, and a buildup of facilities. These are issues I’m excited about and want to contribute to ensuring continuity in teamwork to resolve them, says Keul.

She assured NRK that the pandemic was the biggest challenge in the three and a half years she was president.

Achieving good and strong framework conditions during the pandemic has been the most important thing for Norwegian sport. In a good and close dialogue with the authorities, we had great success there. Plus, we’ve worked a lot with ethical and safe sports, she says.

Anti-doping crisis

In the late summer, the Norwegian Sports Federation came under fire for a lack of insight regarding the anti-doping crisis, with Norway could be banned from international tournaments in the 15-18 age group as an extreme result.

The cause of the crisis is a special Norwegian interpretation of the law which means that athletes between the ages of 15 and 18 cannot be tested for steroids without the consent of their parents.

The NIF can of course notify private federations immediately, but it is normal for the Sports Council to be informed first of the status of the issue, and then the organisation, as is now planned right after the Sports Council meeting, Keul told NRK in August.

Possible women’s race for the presidency

The Head of Sports feels that she has broad and consistent support in the sports organisationbut To be reckoned with the counter candidates.

In an interview with VG In September, former Norske Tipping manager Asen Haffenlid said she would not rule out running as a candidate. Havnelid was previously the Daily Director of the Top Sports Center and an assistant to the Head of Senior Sports.

A candidate for chief of sport isn’t something you have in common, it’s what the sport itself should be asking for, Hafenlaid tells NRK.

“I’ve had several informal questions if I’d like to ask,” she adds.

Keul above NRK confirms that Havnelid called her earlier this fall to say she wanted to run for president.

“Then there will be two of us,” Kajol answered the query from Havnelid.

hafenlid donkey

Åsne Havnelid contacted the sports chief earlier this fall and said she had intended to run for election.

Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB

Electoral Commission Chairman Terry Reuel told NRK that sports clubs and private associations have been reminded that if they wish to promote candidates for president and other positions, they must send them to the Electoral Commission before December 10.

– I love sports, and I have lived with sports all my life. Sport is perhaps more important now than ever, with key tasks such as preventing dropouts and getting better working conditions, says Assen Havenlid.

Labor politician and Hulmelia Athletic Club leader Zainab al-Samarrai was also mentioned as a candidate. She will not comment on that.

I replied to the selection committee that I would make myself available for re-election to the Sports Council. It is always good to mention it. But al-Samarrai says that now the organization and the election commission must be allowed to do their work.

Zainab Al-Samarrai

Zainab al-Samarrai will not comment on whether she will run as a sports chief.

Photo: Labor Party

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