Klæbo responds to Sundby’s claim: – There’s a lot of control around this withdrawal

Klæbo responds to Sundby’s claim: – There’s a lot of control around this withdrawal
Klæbo responds to Sundby’s claim: – There’s a lot of control around this withdrawal
Expert and profile: Martin Johnsrud Sundby and Johannes Hosflute Klapow.

LES ROUSSES (VG) There are many opinions as to whether Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (26) should be allowed to go 15 kilometers free in the restroom.


Martin Johnsrud Sundby included this selection for the 15 kilometres: Hans Christer Holland (free place), Harald Ostberg Amundsen, Diederik Tønseth, Simien Hegstad-Kruger and Sieur Roth.

– I think Klæbo shouldn’t go that far. Other men have podium places in practice, Johannes does not. That’s why they’re worth fighting for medals in the 15-kilometre freestyle, says Viaplay studio Sundby.

– Despite the fact that Johannes wears a yellow jersey and wins many ski races, he has a lot of good results in the 15 km free in the individual starts, Sundbe continues.

Kruger and Amundsen won qualifying races, with the other four winning podiums. Klæbo has “only” the fifth and seventh places. Many of his teammates expressed that it was not normal for him to be allowed to train at the World Cup.

Klæbo came straight from altitude training to Les Rousses the day before the competition on Friday where he was beaten by four other Norwegians.

– I was clear the whole time that if I had to improve for this weekend in order to qualify, I would have done things differently, Klæbo tells VG and continues:

– There will be three ski races before 15km in the restroom, and if you show form, that’s fine. I’m not too worried about that.

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Faced with Sundby’s withdrawal, the Tour de Ski winner answers this question:

– There was a lot of speculation and speculation about the 15-kilometer port … We’ll see. I’m not going to get the team out, but I’ll be clear about what I want, Klæbo tells VG after He won the 20 km race in Les Rousses.

He denies that he uses power in the outlet.

– I’m good at letting it go straight, I’ll be honest. I spend very little time on it.

FiaPlay expert Niklas Derhough thinks it will be difficult for the ski league to unseat the man who has won 14 out of 19 races this winter.

– very difficult and small nuances. But Johannens is the best skier in the world, and not only that, he is the all-time winner on the men’s team. He’s done an incredible amount of good skating this year, says Dyrhaug on a Viaplay broadcast.

– It’s very hard to break in, I think it’ll go out to 15km. Based solely on this year’s results, I agree that the team that Martin has put together is the best. But I think it is very difficult for the ski federation management to leave Johannes if he wants to go. That’s why I think he’ll be fired, says Dierhough.

Sundby also thinks it will end up with Klæbo getting what he wants in WC.

– I agree with Niklas. Here politics matter and here the management says, whispering about Johannes, in the position he holds, that he wants to go. Then I am afraid that one of the other men will not be allowed to go

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