May 28, 2023


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Klopp's fist paid off - Liverpool win Merseyside derby - VG

Klopp’s fist paid off – Liverpool win Merseyside derby – VG

Everton Keeler: Divock Origis’ 2-0 score was his sixth against Everton.

(Liverpool-Everton 2-0) Everton frustrated Liverpool for an hour, but then Jurgen Klopp made a move that would turn the game in Liverpool’s favour.


Then German Luis Diaz and Divock Origi entered the field, which meant that Liverpool had four players at the top.

He caused her to sag an hour after stabbing an Everton goal.

First, the unmarked Andrew Robertson scored 1-0. Origi also increased Origi to 2-0 with the help of Diaz.

– The exchanges were a big moment in the match. Diaz put them on their hind legs. Nowadays, Jurgen hits those changes more than he misses, former Liverpool player Phil Thompson tells TV 2.

Everton played very well but the quality of Liverpool proved in the end. Tactically, he put Klopp in Diaz and Origi, and that changed the game, says BBC expert and former Liverpool player Stephen Warnock.

The victory means that Liverpool is only one point behind Manchester City at the top of the table, before five rounds of the remaining league.

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After the match, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp made it clear that they did not have enough movements in the team and were too slow in the first half.

We played the ball in an area where there were nine players. In the second half we were more direct, and that caused them a lot of trouble. Klopp tells the BBC that the results have been fantastic.

With Liverpool still fighting on all fronts and likely to leave as many as four titles when the season is over, the situation is very different at Everton.

Today’s loss means Frank Lampard’s men are below the line, one point ahead of Burnley in a safe place. Everton definitely have one game to spare for the teams around them.

Everton were the top team in an opener marked by an unusual number of passing fouls at Liverpool, sparked by high pressure from the Blues.

21-year-old Anthony Gordon has sometimes given Trent Alexander-Arnold and his teammates a headache, and has shown he can be an important piece at the end of the season.

Halfway through the first half, Everton fans thought the talent awarded them a penalty after he fell into a duel with Naby Keita.

Television replays showed that Gordon had exaggerated the matter, and gave support to Judge Stuart Attwell when he gave the young boy a yellow card for a photo shoot.

Announcement: Anthony Gordon had a good game with Everton.

This situation was the highlight in the first place. Both Sadio Mane and Abdoulaye Doukuri had the opportunity to take the lead, but both of them went too far.

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Everton have done very well. Former Liverpool player and Sky Sports expert Jamie Carragher commented that they have frustrated Liverpool.

Just before the break, there was a full-blown fire as Liverpool continued to play while Richarlison picked up an injury for the second time in short order. This led to disastrous consequences for Dokuri, causing the players to tease each other.

When the teams started to break, Liverpool had 86 percent possession of the ball.

There is something Mourinho-like about the way Frank Lampard entered this match, TV 2 expert Simen Stamsø Møller said during the break.

Ripples: Players smoke to each other at the end of the first half.

Liverpool fired from key kicks after the break, but Everton came in with their most dangerous opportunity.

Early in the tour, Gordon also called for a penalty again, this time after falling to the ground in a duel with Joel Matip. We didn’t hear about 21-year-old Atwell again this time around.

When Liverpool finally had their first big chance, they were rewarded.

Mohamed Salah entered from the right. Everton’s defense had enough to cover Liverpool’s attacking players, so at the back post, the unmarked Andrew Robertson was tasked with the easy task of heading 1-0.

A little earlier, Jurgen Klopp threw Luis Diaz and Divock Origi onto the field, giving Liverpool more pressure inside the penalty area.

“He made an important move there,” Klopp, TV2 expert Nils Johann Semp commented.

With five minutes to go, Origi put a nail in the coffin as he headed a 2-0 header. The goal-scoring pass came after an acrobat sent by Diaz.

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