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The whole case says something about the authorities’ lack of knowledge of people’s travel habits, says NRK journalist Knut-Sverre Horn.

Earlier this week, he and his wife were in Trondheim to help their youngest son secure a place in the city as a student. When they had to go home again to Vadso, they chose the fastest route. Through Finland and Sweden.

Because of the epidemic and No entry restrictions They chose to run the entire flight in one flight. Just stop by the recesses to stretch the legs a little along the way.

When they reached the Norwegian border at Pollmac, something happened that surprised Horn.

He was asked to provide incorrect information

On the form they had to fill out, they had to fill out the form where they came from. Horn and his wife had driven from Trondheim. Therefore, they had to verify that they came from Norway.

But it looked like this:

The police officer at the border still had a suggestion.

He knew an area in Finland that was classified as green in connection with the pandemic, and he encouraged Horn and his wife to check that they came from there.

This white lie may not be very important, but it can have consequences for detecting potential infection. What if the infection returned in the area we crossed, and we recorded that we were there? Horn asks.

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He also criticizes the fact that a police officer ends up in a situation where he encourages people to provide incorrect information.

Knut-Sefer Horn was surprised that it was not possible to verify that you were in Norway on the entry form, and that the police encouraged him and his wife to provide incorrect information at the border.

Photo: Knut Sapphire Horn

Putting a police officer in a situation where he or she has to ask people to lie is very exciting. The police should not teach people that generic forms have to be dealt with and that things are not meant in the literal sense.

Horne was very surprised that the Norwegian authorities had done such a detailed task with these entry forms, but it did not take into account one of the most common ways for people to drive between north and south.

DSB is responsible

The Norwegian Directorate of Health does not wish to respond to questions regarding this case. They also refer to the police. The Police Directorate also does not want to respond, but also refers to the Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB).

The entry form has been prepared by DSB, in collaboration with the Norwegian Directorate of Health and a private IT company.

The look and feel has been constantly evolving since launch. The development has been linked to both improvements to existing additions and ongoing changes and amendments to the regulations, DSB press officer Henriette Magnussen wrote in an email.

Driving through Sweden and Finland is a natural journey between northern and southern Norway. Why Norway is not an option in this format?

– This is basically a record of visitors to Norway, who usually come from another country. Magnussen wrote: We have not previously received information on travelers who needed Norway as the country of departure.

They have now recorded the need for Norway as an alternative in the model for those working with this.

What are the consequences of tracking the infection if I provide incorrect information?

It can make tracking infections difficult.

– How do you view the fact that a police officer is forced to urge you to provide incorrect information?

Entry into Norway is handled by many agencies and by many service personnel at many border crossing points. Everyone makes every effort to ensure efficient and safe entry. This is a very difficult and arduous task, and DSB respects those on the front lines. However, we do not wish to comment on advice and dealings with some officials. It may have to be dealt with by the appropriate agency, in this case the police.

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