Kourtney Kardashian, celebrity | Kourtney Kardashian Surprised With New Welding

Kourtney Kardashian, celebrity |  Kourtney Kardashian Surprised With New Welding

Let the long covers fall off.

In that case, you’ll now find some of the hottest celebrity talking shows inside and out.

The famous Kardashian family is used to making headlines in the celebrity press, and this time it’s Kourtney Kardashian (42) who is getting attention on Instagram.

On Sunday, the 42-year-old shared a photo of her brand new look. The reality star and her three-year-old mother ditched her long, dark locks, and she now has much shorter hair than we used to see with her in recent years.

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In the comments section, there are positive comments about the new haircut, but there is also something completely different that fans have commented on. Many people wonder if Kardashian and boyfriend Travis Parker (45) are expecting children.

This is despite the fact that only a few days ago the reality star refuted pregnancy rumors on Instagram. Ahead of the weekend, Kardashian’s comment field was hit with pregnancy-related questions — after she shared this photo with fans:

“I am a woman with a body”She responded to him during one of the many comments at the time, and she denied it all.

I removed all traces from the previous

In April, after a long hiatus, Jennifer Lopez, 52, and Alex Rodriguez, 46, confirmed that they They broke off the engagement and went their separate ways Four years after they became a married couple.

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Soon, rumors began circulating about the singer again, after she was noticed several times with Ben Affleck (49). It was Lopez and Affleck One of the most famous Hollywood couples in the early 2000sBut in 2004 the relationship ended. Since then, both have found happiness in both sides.

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After 17 years, the love between the two flared up again, and in July The former couple confirmed that they found each other again. They did it on Instagram, where Jennifer Lopez shared what appears to be a group photo with pictures of her – the picture of a kiss hidden in the back:

And now that Lopez and Affleck are officially a couple, it looks like the former has removed the former fiancé from his life. At least from the life you share with fans on social media.

Lopez is very active on Instagram, where she often shares photos from both everyday life and work.

Previously, the singer’s Instagram profile also naturally consisted of many photos from life that she shared with Rodriguez, but now all posts related to him have been removed. writes among others Harper’s Bazaar.

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According to the site, the posts that were deleted included a video of a huge bouquet of flowers that Lopez received from Rodriguez on Valentine’s Day this year, as well as pictures of them when they attended the inauguration of President Biden (78). in january.

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Lopez also no longer follows Rodriguez on Instagram. He, for his part, retained positions with the former.

– New job after topless scandal

Princess Eugenie’s husband, 31, Jack Brooksbank, 35, has also made headlines in famous newspapers.

Pictures of Brooksbank on a Capri yacht, surrounded by topless women, went viral around the world in early August. Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the 35-year-old was on a business trip, not vacation, and was escorted by both the women on the luxury yacht and members of Brooksbank’s relatives for the defense.

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– This story is fabricated. He works as an ambassador for Casamigos (The Tequila Company, journal.anm), and has just done his job. The princess’ mother, Sarah Ferguson, 61, said shortly after the photos from Capri reached the public, I think it’s important to make it clear for Jack’s sake.

Despite the support, there are many indications that Brooksbank’s days as an ambassador for tequila companies are now over. to me daily Mail Brooksbank has plans to change the industry, and he will now be on his way to his father’s accounting firm.

– Now that his father is retired, it’s time for Jack to take over the company, and take a more “serious” role to support his family, a source told the celebrity website.

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