Kozyrev does not believe that Putin will use nuclear weapons

Kozyrev does not believe that Putin will use nuclear weapons

Kozyrev, who served as Russia’s foreign minister from 1990 to 1996, has called the invasion of Ukraine appalling, but cautions against believing that Putin is irrational.

Kozyrev wrote that Putin, on the other hand, had begun to believe in his own propaganda that US President Joe Biden and the European Union were weak, and had overestimated Russia’s military power. Twitter.

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For twenty years, the Kremlin has tried to modernize Russia’s defense. A large part of the budget was stolen and spent on giant yachts in Cyprus. But this, as a defense counsel, cannot be reported to the president. He wrote instead that they reported the lies.

Putin has also spent the past 20 years believing that Ukraine is not really a country, and that it should at best be a vassal state, according to Kozyrev.

He missed all these points, but that doesn’t make him crazy, according to the former foreign minister.

– In my opinion it is rational. Kozyrev wrote that, given that he is rational, I am firmly convinced that he would not deliberately use nuclear weapons against the West.

The conclusion is that the West should not make any unilateral concessions or reduce its support for Ukraine for fear of nuclear war, he wrote.

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