June 8, 2023


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KrF – NRK Norway – Lasius is fighting for the top position from the perspective of news from different parts of the country

If so, it will be at the expense of Ida Lindtweed Rose, a favorite of the election committee.

Now central committee member Magne Suppellen announced at the weekend national meeting that Losius would make a bench proposal as the new vice president.

Losius now confirms to NRK that he will fight for a seat in the National Assembly.

– I am probably known to have a value profile, in that I believe that our valuables are some of our gold, that is our uniqueness, he tells NRK.

Many believe it also refers to abortion propaganda. What do you say to that?

– Lasius says that I make available everything I have in terms of political involvement, and points to a wide political experience.

– That’s what I represent, this is the vice-presidential election, not the abortion campaign. But at the same time, no one should wonder where I stand on that question:

– Let me make it clear that abortion is always about two people and that unborn children have free human dignity and deserve strong legal protection.

Internally in the party, Losius is seen as a more conservative voice on values ​​like abortion than Ross.

– The newspaper wrote that the difference in view of unborn life between the two candidates now vying for the position of vice-president in the Christian People’s Party could not be greater. A day at the helm this winter.

– I think it’s great that more people want the position of vice president. We will unite against the local body elections and overthrow the KrF. I’m looking forward to the national assembly and the vice-presidential election, Ida Lindtvedt Rose told NRK.

– Abortion is a huge value issue

Magne Suppellen has this to say about his desire for Losius to become party leader.

– Because she has a lot of experience. He is a skilled politician. He tells NRK that the nomination committee got half the support in the consultation round before coming up with its recommendation.

The KrF top believes Losius is concerned with preserving the party’s “uniqueness in terms of values”.

– This is to promote the Christian cultural heritage. It’s about religious freedom. This is about independent schools. And it’s about the fight for greater legal protection for unborn life.

He believes this weekend’s vice-presidential election is a choice between two candidates who want to renew the party in different ways.

– But both have to deal with the same general election and general programme. Once the election is over, the party will stand behind whoever is elected. But abortion is an enormous value issue, Sabbellan says.

– In our view, it is important that we take care of the party policy. We work to strengthen legal protections for unborn life. It is very important that we take care of it over time. And become fresher and clearer than more liberal in that area.

Subbellon warns that if Losius loses the battle for the vice-chairmanship in the National Assembly, he will fight to get her into the Central Committee “to create more balance”.

Magne Subbellon

Proposal: KrF central committee member Magne Suppellen would prefer Jorunn Gleditsch Lossius as the new vice-president rather than Ida Lindtveit Røse.

Photo: Synne Sørenes

A polished value profile

Losius says he’s standing as a candidate because he’s been under a lot of pressure and is “almost a prospect.”

– I was motivated throughout, I am interested in the policy of my party and KrF, tells NRK.

Losius shows children, upbringing, the family and the natural place of faith in society as central to his political commitment.

At the same time, he asserts that “all the mapping” shows that those who vote for and become members of the KrF justify it with the party’s value profile.

– This is our unique feature as a party and I want it to be managed with value based renewal in future.

– There has been a lot of unrest and noise in your party. Aren’t you contributing to a new power struggle in KrF now?

– I only make myself available because I feel there is a desire in it. Then once the counseling round was divided.

– So I think it is only good and democratic to allow a National Assembly to decide this.

A strong competitor

On March 6, Ida Lindtveit Røse from Viken was nominated as second vice-president, “based on the will of the majority of the selection committee”, according to a press release.

Ross had announced long ago that he wanted to become the party’s new vice-chairman. In an interview with NRK in February, she answered questions about the abortion case.

– We must listen to our members and take into account the answers we receive, he said.

– The debate on abortion will be about whether to extend the right to self-determined abortion to the 18th week or later. Here, KrF’s clear position is that we are against an extension to ensure existing legal protection for unborn life, he says.

The abortion debate flared up again at the party last fall. Then KrFU president Rasmus Bjuland announced that he would drop his opposition to the current abortion law and instead fight against the extension of the current law. The KrFU later abandoned Bjuland’s proposal and decided to preserve the current abortion law.

KrF leader Olaug Vervik Bollestad and Dag Inge Ulstein were appointed in March to continue as leader and vice-leader in the party, respectively.