KrFU president demands cold beer in fridge – VG

KrFU president demands cold beer in fridge - VG
Cold: KrFU president Hadle Rasmus Bjuland wants non-alcoholic beer to be cold.

KrFU president Hadle Rasmus Bjuland wants all types of beer to be refrigerated in stores. To do that, he proposes changing liquor laws.

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A study by the alkovett organization Av og showed that only one in four stores in Oslo sells alcohol-free beer from the fridge. Most stores prefer cold alcoholic beer only, write day.

This different treatment of beer types has caused KrFU president Hadel Rasmus Pjuland to react, and he is now proposing changes to the alcohol law.

A warm beer: Most stores choose not to sell non-alcoholic beer from the refrigerator. KrFU wants a change for that. Illustration: Nina Anderson / V.G

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– Municipalities should intervene here and do something about sales license. They should treat non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages equally, he tells TV2.

He recommends that all beer be kept cold in stores. If this is not possible, all types of beer should be sold at room temperature. This is how KrF’s youth party will facilitate the choice of abstinence.

– For us, alcohol policy is about protecting those struggling with alcohol abuse and preventing harmful consumption. He says it includes restrictions on the sale of alcohol.

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